Raped by the janitor in the Seychelles, the Russian journalist demanded half a million dollars

Russian journalist raped in five star hotel in Sechelski Islands when he went there in the promotional press tour. The case continued for several months and would probably be jammed if the offender did not infringe in the Nude already by the local resident. Now the case went to trial and a Russian woman requires about 541 thousand dollars for his moral suffering.

photo: Michael True

The incident with the Russian journalist happened back in may of this year in a five star hotel Six Sences Zil Pasyon on félicité island. The woman said that on the last night of her stay, the Villa was way cleaner hotel and threatening her with a knife raped.

As RIA “news”, then the resourceful Russian woman threw his drink sleeping pill and ran away. She told the hotel Manager, but they decided to hush up the case and made it look as if a sexual relationship occurred by mutual consent.

Local law enforcement officers, too, were not eager to investigate the incident. However, in September of this year, the same cleaner in the Nude went into the house to the local resident. He was arrested and now thing started to happen.

She has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court of Seychelles, demanding moral compensation from the offender, and also with the company that manages the hotel and its owners in a total of 541 thousand dollars.

Frank Elizabeth, attorney-journalist, reported that the hearing on the rapist scheduled for December 26. And consideration of the claim on moral damages is not appointed yet.

The Russian foreign Ministry know about this incident and have Russian support and assistance.

The hotel management, in turn, emphasizes the fact that the janitor testified that materially differ from the Russian. Meanwhile, the CEO of Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, Neil Jacobs says that the investigation is conducted as closely as possible.

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