SK demanded the arrest of well-known extremist Valova, who escaped to Ukraine

As it became known “MK”, Russia’s Investigative Committee came to the Basmanny court of Moscow with the petition for correspondence arrest of a prominent extremist, a native of Murmansk Alexander Valova. He is accused of offences under article 282.2 of the criminal code (participation in a banned extremist organization). But in Ukraine, where the Shafts ran from under the recognizance not to leave, not abandon not in a hurry, despite the fact that the man fought in the Donbas battalion “Azov”. It received the status of refugee, but citizenship did not wait.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

To participate in political activities of the Shafts began in adolescence, was a supporter of Eduard Limonov, but at the same time inclined to the more narrow concept of nationalism. However, many of the media, calling him a Russian nationalist who defected to the Ukrainians, wrong. For example, in one early interview Shafts emotionally broadcast about Slavic brotherhood and talked about how much jar his anecdotes about Ukrainians and fat — in them he saw the signs externally fomented hatred between Slavic brothers. 2010 Shafts was the leader of the now dissolved organization “pan-Slavic national volunteer Association” (PNDO). Focus can be judged by the title.

In his hometown he was active in political life, organized movement of “Kosovo front — Murmansk”; represented the city at the Congress “people’s Council” and was in the leadership of the regional branch of the unregistered centre-right party “New force”, organized “Russian marches”, “Russian Jogging” and pickets against homosexuality.

In 2008 it was opened the first criminal case under the standard for nationalists article 282 of the criminal code. On the wall of a vocational school in polyarnyye Zori Shafts painted swastikas. The last undertaking Valova was an attempt to create a military-Patriotic club “the White cross”. Then Shaft got probation.

Another case against the nationalist was initiated in the summer of 2013 due to a series of fights. According to the prosecution, the Shafts with his colleagues tracked down the native of Uzbekistan of Borriana Abdyrahmanova and beat him, shouting nationalist slogans. Later in the day Abdyrahmanov with relatives managed to catch the offenders and beat them back.

Shafts argued he was not guilty, according to his version, the natives of Uzbekistan are part of an ethnic criminal group and all first began, but already his former comrades, testimony of which is constructed from a case — provocateurs from the security services. Without waiting for a verdict Shafts fled to Ukraine. At that moment he came to the court and went to the war in the Donbass.

At home this fact has not gone unnoticed against him filed another criminal case by linking it with the activities banned in Russia organization “Right Sector”.

“Hey, a new criminal case! Now, according to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, I am also a Director and member of Right sector”, – wrote the Shafts in Facebook.

The last time Valova pursue failure in social networks, he complains that we haven’t won the lottery “green card”, and then decided to abandon claims to Ukrainian citizenship.

However, in personal communication with “MK” nationalist seemed quite cheerful.

“Interesting, because wanted I to the end of September 2014 and, accordingly, arrested in absentia at the same time. But I especially do not care to return to Russia I’m not going. Ukraine has provided me shelter (the status of a person who is granted additional protection), because any attempt to judge me – initially a failure”, he said.

According to gross, in 2014 he asked for asylum, he is now a resident of Ukraine, got a passport and can leave somewhere else, haven’t decided yet.

“What of Affairs I can tell, besides the Basmanny court (in Moscow I was a couple of times), I don’t know. For items that I was charged when I was in Russia – is unlikely. They are light and medium gravity – it is impossible to judge in absentia. “Right sector” – it would be incredibly fun, because I never participated in this organization. All they would have to “link” with him – the fact that three years ago I took photos for fun with Yarosh’s business card (Dmitry Yarosh, a Ukrainian politician, leader of the banned in Russia organization “Right sector” – A. R.) and posted “Vkontakte,” – says Rolls. But, according to the article, which he is accused that we are talking about the participation of “Right sector”

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