Terrible death in Chernobyl: Stalker died after falling from a 150-meter tower

27 Nov in the exclusion zone near Chernobyl killed a Stalker Dmitry Shkinder. 33-year-old man fell off a 150-foot radar tower Arc she goes for the thrill with your pals. Before his death, Dmitry managed to take a selfie with the tower and put it on the network.

“MK” contacted the friend of the deceased, to clarify, what makes stalkers to risk their lives.

– Dima was a native of Belarus, he is survived by his wife and three children, started a conversation a friend of the deceased. – He was a good guy, right, but a desperate, risky. And said: “Chernobyl is my escape, I was in four walls.” He even preferred to spend their vacation in the exclusion zone. Pulled him here. It can only understand Stalker. Here he had a rest soul.

– The first time he climbed that tower?

– The fact of the matter is that not for the first time. This was his fifth set, so knew what was coming.

– Arc – a gigantic structure that stalkers don’t use the insurance when climbing?

Are you kidding me? Stalker and insurance — are incompatible. And what then would be the trick, extreme, risk? Can’t say that we are very protected when they do penetrate into Chernobyl.

– Dmitry has often been to Chernobyl?

– Once ten have been there. Believe me, if a man once visited the exclusion zone, he will return. There pull. There is a lot of unknown. If in another world you get. In Chernobyl even think otherwise.

How is it a tragedy?

– Dima has fallen from first flight. Until the end of the tower even got. The fact is that on the stairs of this building are not provided protective fencing. At that time, when he climbed, it rained, it was dark. He slipped. Not keep his balance and flew down.

– He immediately died?

The guys who were with him, did not understand, did not understand that he died. Had To Call An Ambulance. Understand how much time doctors went to Chernobyl? Not instantly. To save Dima was already too late.

– On the tower passage is allowed?

– Is prohibited. Even the guards are.

And why were the guards?

– Do not tell me. Security — it’s just a name. Nobody’s controlling the stalkers, well, for little money you can solve any issue. Is there such as desperate as Dima, plenty walks. Of fence no no. Nothing fenced. Can get anyone. Although rumors say that in those places hiding fugitives. Strange people in Chernobyl, indeed, enough.

– With the victim still had friends?

– Yes, they were fined 700 hryvnia — the police came.

– Probably, after the tragedy the place was surrounded, strengthened protection?

– No, who cares? Still, come may, who wants.

– As the wife of Dmitry took the Hobbies of a spouse?

– Negatively, as any woman. But here, to each his own — someone who loves Egypt, someone in Turkey and someone Chernobyl.

– This is the first case of death of the Stalker in the tower?

– I have not heard that any of our broke. Although, I admit that if he died a citizen of Ukraine, the tragedy would not have received publicity. To the stalkers no one was seriously apply. On the death of Dima found out only because he is a foreign citizen, and the incident, the police were obligated to notify the Consulate or Embassy.

– Probably now counterpart Dmitry will think about whether to conquer the tower?

– On the contrary. After his death, even more people appeared to make a selfie on the top bunk. The view there is stunning. For any Stalker to conquer the “Arc” is a matter of prestige. It is for the climber to conquer Everest. If people got on this “rig”, means that he conquered Chernobyl.

Help “MK”: over-the-Horizon radar Duga-1, also known as the object of “Chernobyl-2” or simply Arc. “Arc” (5Н32) – Soviet DUGA, working in the interests of early detection of launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles. Height of masts from 135 to 150 meters, length — from 300 to 500 meters.

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