A walk in the enchanted forest and the Blues of the suitcase

When the young team-not just breaking out of the domestic alternative scene bright comets and disappear, and continue to evolve, it gives us hope. Last weekend two colorful team, seen at the time, “Medavita”, played a big solo concerts. Thoughtful mystics PuzzleWood presented to the sophisticated audience his album “Gates Of Loki”, and rousing artists from Kazan gave Mojo Shuffle Blues-rock fire and two performances in different clubs of Moscow with a difference in one day.

Photo: Maria Karpacheva.

With the leader PuzzleWood Anton Legatum we did an interview back in the summer. The initial impetus for the conversation was seriously hooked me with the song “Obsessed” which in five minutes tells the story, and plot, and emotionally worthy of an entire musical performance, and even record them live on one of the online music channels. During the meeting it became clear background, the background: Anton is not just a professional guitarist and composer, he has a strong cultural base. Moreover, since childhood, he apart began to build, collect your special world, fantastic and real at the same time. The beauty is that the line between fairy tale and true story it is very unsteady, and of course, all this is reflected in the work. Then on a summer night — we talked so much about the album, which was recorded. And by the time of its release in the fall of fans were partly familiar with the material, and the plate and the presentation was a revelation. This is the case when the music takes both psychologically and physically dramatic line built non-trivial, but somewhere in the middle of listening to there is a fracture and the course of history turns the other way. Deep guitar riffs combined with mellow percussion, precisely constructed sound moves with improvisation. When the guys go to the site, obviously, some work has been done, but each opus a sense of air and freedom, from which the audience, standing in front of the stage, infest and feel the same drive, feel the magic of music, which is known to be either there or not, often regardless of the technicality.

Its a special forge for “production” wonders and the Kazan band Mojo Shuffle. At the last festival, “Turkey” they fall in love with all of the jury still in the qualifying round, but after hearing compliments after the performance, not relaxed, but on the contrary, began to work even harder, all comments were considered and even after numerous requests written to the final happy song in Tatar “senger Cache”. Needless to say that the Tatar Blues (in this genre grow and bloom performers) performed at the Metropolitan stage very exotic. In General, the combination of national color with absolute feeling and knowledge of music, born in other lands, is fascinating. And if we add to this energy, charisma and passion — conquers even the most critical-minded listeners. Mojo Shuffle proved it at the festival, received a well-deserved prize for best show at this concert. Someone else before learning about the existence of such curiosities, came to listen to the guys focused, and some just stopped in the club on your day off and are unable to leave, mesmerized by their performance. The skeptics (mostly Onegin music, jaded all) today love to talk about that era of Blues, rock passed. However, what do such artists as Mojo Shuffle that proves that the rumors of the death of these genres are still greatly exaggerated. Having the talent, desire and hard work, you can look at a whole new life, so that they will sound interesting and fresh. By the way, these artists are not only thorough approach to concept, but attention to detail: one of these important items was a suitcase, with a deft movement of the hands of the percussionist turned into playing a musical instrument.

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