And the song happy one

Or rather, as he then began to curse, so still not finished. And now it turned out to be the best that remains from the Soviet era and what we have today…

photo: Gennady Avramenko

Remember, Kobzon all time sang Patriotic songs, transfixed in a suit at the microphone? Allegrova as accused of vulgarity? Leontiev how much to get the tangles and tight pants? And here it all — in feathers, sequins, shaggy, tight is best! A conservative with a Patriotic content.

Don’t believe? Let’s bosherston together. Where a good Soviet education? Classical theater? Cinema? Animation? Where, apparently, immutable space, sport and ballet? One destroyed, the other lives on subsidies, the third does not get out of scandals. A poor Soviet pop music segued into Russian, itself, feeds, waters, clothes and still entertains the whole country. Against the facts do not trample.

Here’s the proof: in the poster of precast concert — the names that have become popular before you were born, many sitting in the hall of audience. There are no tickets! At the entrance asking for a spare ticket. The lack of circuses in Moscow? Not at all! There is nowhere else to go to this Saturday night? Do not tell! All comers of the audience a bad taste? Let’s not snobbery! Cheap tickets? As it is not so! So — best.

Why is it that the Soviet Estrada though, and flowed smoothly in Russian, but the best were all the same that appeared then? And those who came later, in the face Baskov and Mikhailov Aguilera and Valerie, Julia and Diana, just joined? And here they are all together now in the main final concert for the year.

It’s very simple. What did the star of the Soviet time? The voice, live performance, artistic presentation, personal charisma and own personality.

That starts to be a singer today? HYIP, drive, media, provocation and PR.

Then, the talent today — creativity. Then — pop music today — no, not even show business, and he is already a thing of the past. Today on the foreground there is what is called “direct sales”. All these new projects, when taken, comes from a TV show and put on stage to do what he’s doing in principle, not capable of, — these are the “direct sales”. And like in the word “selling” nothing wrong there! Any artist need to sell. Only between the sell and sell, as well as between buy-and-stuck — a big difference.

And today — today! we should think what our stage will be tomorrow. And will not the way that real, high-quality, time-tested all-will be swept away by an avalanche of hacking and insights. And to decide what to do to avoid this from happening.

Maybe finally stop the curse “of Soviet music, which became the Russian”? Maybe she’s almost half a century of harsh criticism, ridicule, snide, unflattering comments and comparisons with the best Western samples are not in our favor? But no… no and No again! Who are we then still to blame? More after all and no one! Curse-something only those who are well known for a long time interesting, many close and very much in love with somebody. Otherwise, in the process lost all the salt.

Then, perhaps, just agree that in addition to hype, drive, media, provocation and PR man claiming to be the singer, corny should have a voice. Even the voice! Awesome, from the first recognizable intonations. So what have all of the same Valley, Leontiev, Allegrova and Kobzon. And if it voices, in principle, the person does not have — and the singer are not. After all, forbidden to operate on those who do not know how to hold a scalpel, or drive blind. Let’s make a deal, huh?

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