Crooks was sold to the Professor of Moscow state University “elixir of immortality” for 5 million rubles

The media reported details of a major Scam that was pulled a few days ago scammers, selling a Moscow pensioner “elikor of immortality” for 5 million rubles. It turned out that the bait crooks got MSU Professor, doctor of chemical Sciences.


Everything started on November 28. Then, according to the Agency “Vista news”, 72-year-old Moscow pensioner called a man who introduced himself as a doctor. He told her that she is terminally ill and that can help her is the only experimental drug that was recently developed by Russian scientists. Moreover, called “the doctor” assured the pensioner that this medicine “extends the life of the ages.”

The woman gathered all of her savings in the amount of 5 million rubles, and the meeting gave them the stranger in black, and waited, when she will deliver miraculous “elixir of immortality.” Only two days later she has doubts and she went to the police.

Now the orientation of the swindler sent to all police departments of Moscow.

Unfortunately, such cases are not rare when retirees believe everyone that calls, from free repair of plastic Windows, need to change water meters and ending with health issues. But, according to the telegram channel Mash, this case is amazing because criminals managed to fool a famous scientist. The pensioner, who gave the scammer 5 million rubles, was a Professor of the geological faculty of Moscow state University, doctor of chemical Sciences E. L. Belokoneva.

Belokoneva published over 200 scientific papers, she headed the laboratory of crystallography and crystal chemistry, spoke at international congresses.

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