Imminent death: unsold kittens traders “Gardener” thrown in the woods

— You do not want kittens?

By asking this question, jeopardize any old friendship. It’s almost as indecent as to ask to borrow money without interest and term.

— Go to “Bird”, it is possible for the coin to give in good hands!

Food exploration. None would read the first “cat” forums. About the Bird market in Moscow were rumors back when he was not far from Taganka. Like, unnecessary animal horses drowned in the local pond. In 1990-e years “the Bird” could not resist the pressure of developers and moved on the Moscow ring road is now part of the huge wholesale market of “green thumb”. And the rumors remained the same — and, alas, not only rumors.


Any resident of the old village could kill a chicken, rabbit, sheep, cow. Unwanted kittens and puppies, too, without any sentimentality drowned or exposed to frost. Mores have changed, our contemporary — urban dwellers — often can’t kill a living creature. Yes it is, incidentally, illegal. But the problem is the “extra tails” remains — why the change to the direct methods of killing the animals come to “indirect”.

…Taken from the entrance of a cute kitten, went with him to the country during summer — and the kitten and if take girl. Yes, even of those that at once bring six kittens. And Yes, spayed yesterday like it was before, but it’s too late today. Please welcome six new tails in one big box! Well, in the country lots of room, and they eat until the mother’s milk. But with the arrival of cold weather. And seven cats in a one bedroom apartment is, perhaps, deem crazy not only neighbors, but also a psychiatrist.

All, of course, you ask friends. And try on each other on this occasion not to be offended. But still there are excesses. And here: friend Tanya was touched little creature and promised — ‘ll have this gray beauty with a white bib! And when gray turned a month, Tanya remembered that the winter is going to Bali — is it possible to travel with a kitten? Yes, and the mother of his pop too awkward… No, tried no offense, but the sediment remained.

…”Green thumb” — the place is noisy, a real Oriental Bazaar. It has its own atmosphere: in addition to rows of clothes and shoes — a large variety of animals, dogs, iguanas, fish, soonarane, clothing for animals.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

— Attach to har good hands! — voice of an elderly woman, insulated in the market (tights, boots, scarf). On a tiny counter attached box of kittens. Poorly insulated box with one sheet. The kittens are cold, they huddle to each other.

— 500 rubles for a kitten! — calls the price.

Are you a Fund?

— Yes, from the Foundation! woman shining gold tooth. — From what Fund? Uh-uh… charity!

The main question — what will happen to the kittens, which will fail to attach, laughs: all succeed, that’s my job! Open house forums — people write that nepristoinyi animals are simply thrown into the cold in the nearest — across the road — forest.

In early December the forest (a piece of the Park Kuzminki — Lublin) is still transparent, but white. From the “birds” that separates the Upper street Field. Les “thank you” public transport and “green thumb” is pretty dirty. A little away from the footpath, where pedestrians constantly walking, you see a lot of boxes, as two drops of water similar to the one of the sheet, where he collected kittens “pristroilsya”. Box lined with soft rags. Small animals in them, to my relief, no.

— Perhaps in this day there still visited, the animal and saved the kittens part, says an environmental activist Valentin Utkin.

Compassionate people often come and open the box, some babies can be saved. But there is a problem: what to do with them, because the shelters and keeping not rubber.

— Each of us has long lost all “normal” friends, says Utkin. — Few can withstand the constant stories of cruelty to animals, and most importantly — requests pristroystvo. We are considered a little “crazy”.

A network of philanthropists, systematically perestraivaya cats, is open daily. These people write posts on social networks, bringing good, to “sell” photos. Picture — the main thing: the future owner of a kitten, to choose it must be at least a little bit, but to fall in love.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

— Hardest to put elderly, sick animals, — says Oksana Glinkina, an active member of the community pristroystvo kittens. In most cases, the owner of such distressed animals becomes one of his own, an activist with a heart indifferent. Well, very difficult to attach dogs especially adults from fighting and guard breeds that suffer from a lack of education.

Five kittens of the “magnificent six” we managed to give it in good hands. As for the sixth… the One grey girl with a white bib, which has taken a lover of travel, remained with us. And, as you can understand, no one involved does not regret.

…And this weekend, animal advocates found in the forest a few boxes with a sheet. And dead kittens.

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