Killed the second rufer, “pokrasivshe” star on Moscow skyscraper

In Kabardino-Balkaria killed a base jumper Alexander Cellars. This is the second defendant in the case of painting the stars on the Moscow skyscraper under the colors of the Ukrainian flag killed in parachute jumping. In August of this year it became known about the death in the Swiss Alps Alexei Shirokogorov.

Photo: vk.comAlexander Cellars.

In the group DvizhuhaClub appeared on Facebook a message about the death of 1 December, the Russian base jumper Alexander Pogrebova. It is reported that it happened during a jump in the Baksan gorge. His friends announced the collection of money to help mother Pogrebova.

Recall that the Cellars took on the case of four base jumpers, raskrutila 20 Aug 2014 a star on the spire of the skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment in the colors of Ukrainian flag. However, Alexander Cellars, Alexey Shirokogorov, Eugene Korotova and Anna lepyoshkina just jumped from a skyscraper in one day, and painted star Ukrainian activist Gregory Mustang.

In the end, four base jumpers then acquitted, and two years received a Russian roofer Vladimir Podrezov, who is accused in the fact that he helped the Mustang.

It is worth noting that Cellars is the second out of four base jumpers who are killed while jumping.

In August this “MK” reported that 29-year-old Alexey Shirokogorov crashed in the Swiss Alps in the cult place for base jumpers from around the world — the valley near the town of village of Lauterbrunnen. He went from the most dangerous cliffs.

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