The details of the fire in Novosibirsk: children not spared, save only the lover

Terrible tragedy ended in the Novosibirsk region, meeting old friends who decided to relax on a Saturday night “kebab and brandy”. As a result of these get-togethers killed five children aged from six months to seven years. They suffocated in the smoke of the fire, which was caused by the fault of drunk company. As it became known “MK”, a large family, besides recently left without one of the caregivers (children in August his mother died), was to include in the risk group, which local authorities provide free fire sensors. But apparently, the officials did not consider these children to be in need of such protection as income of their father was clearly above the subsistence level. In General, we should admit that the situation with the death of children in fires in Russia has deteriorated.

All that remains of the house.

The fire occurred in the village of Steppe Iskitim district, triplexes private house. In one of apartments of the house lived a large family Perfilievich. The two older children — 11‑year-old Nikita (left alive, because in the fateful night stayed with Granny) and 7‑year-old Snezhana (died together with other brother and sisters) went to a local school. According to the Director of the school, the boy was in fourth grade, and a girl this year went to first. The father, 32‑year-old Vladimir Perfilyev, PTA meetings never came, but the school was frequently visited family in their two-bedroom apartment. Together with Supervisory authorities, teachers come to make sure that children live in abundance and have need of nothing. Vladimir always willingly been in contact with the inspectors conducted a tour of the apartment, showed a refrigerator full of food.

Truth, purity and order in this house.

— This summer the mother of the children died from cirrhosis of the liver, she is only 31 years old was, — says Natalia. — This, of course, the situation was sad, even though we tried to fight it. The apartment was always dirty, the parents all the time was drunk, the children went to anything. One winter the poor boy came to camp in leaky sneakers on his bare feet. I then summoned Vladimir to school, and he covered me and the teachers mate. But after his wife’s death everything changed. Perhaps Vladimir realized that he can pick up children because their grandmother and aunt were willing to pay children in an orphanage, only they hadn’t got a father. Incidentally, he said that they took for themselves and their children to a resort in Sochi. But, alas, the kids now will never see neither this city nor the sea…

Vladimir Perfiliev with his girlfriend.

This weekend Mr came to see old friends. The company organized on the porch barbecue roasted until late at night. But the cause of the fire was not it — before leaving the house, the company extinguished the fire in the grill. As already found by firefighters, the fire started in the kitchen. Previously experts discusses two reasons for the fire could be due to the fact that the transaction could not stand “too much energy”, or from not extinguished cigarette. The last version was confirmed by a young man who was just in the city of Vladimir. According to him, due to renovations in the kitchen was a lot of paper: Wallpaper, boxes, under furniture and other debris. Most likely, someone threw a lit butt into this “cache” — and it lit up.

What happened next is now very much debated in the Steppe, where only about a thousand people and news travels with the speed of fire.

Guest of Vladimir smelled the smoke, woke up and began to Wake the landlord. He found nothing better than to break the glass, causing the fire blazed with renewed vigor! Vladimir pulled out his lover, who was also resting in the house that night. The neighbors shouted: “get the kids!” But he did not. All five children — Alice, as well as five-year-old violet, four year old shreds, two-year-old Bob and seventeen-month-old Artem died.

Their father is now in hospital, where he was with severe burns. Vladimir is now lying in a coma, but he still has a strong shock, so that in the near future it is unlikely that anything will be able to tell. They rescued the lady was more fortunate — she is now a regional medical center with burns to 40% of the body.

This fact is very disturbing to the relatives of the children with the mother. Aunt of dead wrote on his page on the social network an angry post.

“First you ruined my sister, then ditched my nephews! Who are you then! You’re scum, I hate you!! That’s what brought your booze,” wrote the girl.

The school Director also remembered that my grandmother and aunt contacted the school with statements in which it was reported that Vladimir is constantly drinking and driving to his women. But her personally to catch the Vladimir drunk never had a chance. However, every second family in the Steppe disadvantaged. Vladimir with his considerable earnings (according to different sources, the man who officially does not work anywhere that has an income of from 90 to 140 thousand rubles per month), widowed, of course, could not remain without attention of a certain category of villagers, especially women.

Confirmation of this “MK” found in one of social networks. There on the page of a certain 20‑year-old compatriot Vladimir, identified as “Natalia Perfilieva,” in late November there were pictures where the lady is hugging him and shows a ring supposedly gifted to the engagement. However, other users have already managed to write on this page your curses man.

However, according to local media reports, the apartment with friends of the owner that night rested completely different woman — Svetlana.

As told “MK” in the EMERCOM of Russia, fire in the village of Steppe was rated grade emergency. This means that relatives of the victims will receive all necessary assistance from the state they will pay the costs of the funeral and the damage caused by a fire (the apartment is fully burnt out). And on Monday, the head of the municipality would report the situation to the Governor and ask him to increase the number of “profilaktika” in the state fire service of the Novosibirsk region.

Statistics the fire service has long displayed a pattern: the vast majority of fires occurs in the residential sector, most often they happen in autumn and winter, with their peak on the night from Saturday to Sunday, — told the “MK” Director of the Department of supervision and preventive work of EMERCOM of Russia Rinat Enikeev. — From a situation that occurred in the Steppe, everyone should learn a lesson. Parents need a more responsible approach to different kinds of celebrations, and social welfare agencies should be more responsible to give information about the people who need social support. Now all the families falling into the category of disadvantaged, give out free fire sensors. But as it turns out, this family was not on the account only because her income was about 140 thousand rubles a month. Because one child came out more than 20 thousand, the family was not included in the program. But his father, apparently, installation of fire fighting equipment did not reach. Hence, it is necessary to this should be motivated to come, to convince. Tomorrow in the region will be strengthened preventive work.

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