The purpose Kekhman artistic Director of the Novosibirsk Opera has passed with scandal: blame the guards

To Novate (Novosibirsk Opera house), which continues to be a powerful newsmaker of Russian culture, took place the appointment of Vladimir Kekhman for the position of artistic Director. This was officially announced by the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, specially for this purpose arrived to Novosibirsk.

Photo: press service of the theater.

Medina reported on the success of the theatre, which Kekhman in 2014 was a Director of: increased revenues, significantly increased attendance. Now Kekhman is the position of artistic Director, which is quite logical: “Vladimir Abramovich — a creative person”, — said the Minister. The time of the appointment, of course, coincided with the inauguration of the new concert hall named after Isidore Zack, as well as the execution of the brilliant compositions of Rossini’s “Stabat Mater”. Posters with the image of the crucifixion was hung around the city, which was a spiritual response to the controversial “Tannhauser”.

When the time Kekhman, who took on the position of Director of Novosibirsk Opera giant (the original theatre project, which, together with the Mukhina sculpture “worker and collective farm girl” won the Grand Prix at the world exhibition in Paris in 1937, was designed for 3200 spectators), saw in what terrible condition is a small hall, he experienced culture shock. Stale air, the darkness, the jumble of walls, some attached boxes, different-sized Windows, broken chairs… However, in decline then there was the whole theater, so the reconstruction of the small hall began immediately. This was possible a year ago, when NOVATUS visited the Minister of culture supported the idea of reviving another stage of the theater. Funds were allocated 123 million rubles. Plus there were sponsors that gave the theatre the “right” chair for 25 million rubles. After a year in room 333 of the audience was ready.

The chairs in the hall — silent. Even if some nervous student will jump from his seat during the concert, nobody will flinch from the blow slamming backrest: soft lapping and seat closes quietly. But that’s not all. A lot depends on the configuration of the hall and quality of the material from which seats are manufactured. I must say, acoustic solutions for all areas in the Mikhailovsky theatre, in Novosibirsk — the head of the theater takes itself: a good professional hearing Vladimir Kekhman obliged to his uncle, who taught his nephew the craft of piano tuning. Practice has shown that the presence of the amphitheatre and the absence of a Central passage in order increase the acoustic properties of the hall.

And the hall, this is truly historic. This was the basis of the Symphony orchestra under the baton of Arnold Katz, are here rehearsed and gave concerts for the students of the Conservatory once it was the starting of the Novosibirsk musical Comedy here was conducted by Isidore Zack, whose name has updated the hall.

The performance of “Stabat Mater” with the participation of outstanding soloists, stars of the world Opera Veronika Dzhioeva, Matochkina Yulia liovochkina, as well as two Western celebrities — bass rené Pape and tenor Lawrence Brownlee was scheduled for 17 hours. The hall was gradually filled with people, but the concert is not started. The Minister of culture and heads of the region — the Governor and the mayor were in suspense: in the morning at the Novosibirsk airport “Tolmachevo” was a detective story entitled “frontier”, which came from American tenor Lawrence Brownlee. The singer flew from St. Petersburg to Novosibirsk to Astana. It seemed that so will be faster. His schedule is incredibly tight: immediately after the Novosibirsk he had to fly to London for a performance at Covent garden. It turned out — there it was! Happy border guards in Astana repaid a single entry Russian visa American tenor, depriving him of the opportunity to get into Russia. In Novosibirsk, he still flew, but watchful Russian border guards discovered: valid visa of the singer no. Without sleep, without food, without an understanding of the prospects for the near future Lawrence knocks on wifi. And for the salvation of the singer and the concert program were thrown all forces, resources, leverage and relationships.

At five o’clock Kekhman took the stage and explained the situation. The audience, led by the Minister of culture, the Governor and the mayor went to the buffet. And then followed a “frontline reports”:

Brownlie finally got the visa… Brownlie left the airport… Brownlie got into the car… Brownlie in the car… dressed Brownlie in the car practicing…

And here at six-thirty on the stage, the choir, orchestra Novatus, a new guest conductor Dmitry Korchak, solo Veronika Dzhioeva, Yulia Matochkina, rené Pape and… Lawrence Brownlee, who met the separate applause.

The spiritual fulfillment of the writing Rossini was outstanding. Maestro Korczak, who continues his illustrious career as an Opera soloist, in his new capacity demonstrates mastery of the conductor’s art and a very deep comprehension of the meanings and messages of this music — how beautiful, and equally wise. Open, passionate Dzhioeva, soulful, focused Matochkina, Opera artistic Dad and an emotional, incredibly musical Brownlie was the ensemble, which was breathtaking. Dzhioeva and Brownlie, never singing together and rehearsing in the above incident, amounted to such a harmonious duet that seemed only yesterday they sang in one performance. The orchestra and chorus sounded wonderful. No wonder Dmitry Korchak gave the choir a Cappella section of “Quando corpus,” which in the original is intended for the Quartet of soloists. Well on high notes Dzhioeva, which it easily without forcing, only because of the timbre and dynamics was not blocked by the big symphonic composition and a choir of 60 singers, to compose verses.

In moments of awareness that all this is happening not in new York, not in Vienna, not in Moscow and not in Petersburg, and in Novosibirsk, really feel proud. Kulturtregerskih tasks posed in front of NOVATUS, led by Kekhman, is a good example to follow. The programme of the new hall is still typeset. But it is clear that it will perform choral works, chamber concerts will be Opera singers Novatus and guest stars, there is sure to be a Conservatory youth Symphony will sound music. A lot of plans and repertoire on the main stage.

Of course, the figure Kekhman will cause very different reactions — from admiration to irritation, from support to protest. Well, such is the lot of non-standard personalities that build not only their own biographies but also the history. At least, the history of theatre.


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