“Bitcoin has updated the next historical maximum

– Exchange rate for bitcoin, last week has overcome a mark in $11 000, continues to update the historical highs on news that U.S. regulators had approved the start of futures trading on the cryptocurrency.

Exchange rate for bitcoin in the course of trading on Sunday rose to a new record – $11 773, but then fell by the close of trading. According coindesk.com the value of the cryptocurrency at 8:55 Moscow time amounted to $11 459.

The bitcoin price increased from the beginning of the year more than 1,000%, the market capitalization of bitcoins is almost $193 billion.

The American operators of the exchanges the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. (CME) and CBOE Futures Exchange on Friday got permission of the Commission on urgent futures trading in commodities (CFTC) to launch futures on bitcoin.

At this statement, the Commission States that the investor needs to exercise caution when dealing with bitcoin because of high volatility and other risks.

Last week The Telegraph announced the appearance of the first billionaires, who made his fortune on investing in bitcoin.

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