Burning the village the photographer suspected in the destruction of unique Northern settlements

Photographer Daniel Tkachenko, recently received fame thanks the pictures with burning villages suspected in the destruction of Kuchipudi — unique for the Russian North of the settlement.

photo: pixabay.com

About this in his Facebook wrote employee “Arhnadzor” Andrew Beginners, who called EN masse to submit to law enforcement authorities with a demand to check the activities Tkachenko.

According to Novichkova, location “could be the widely known village Kuchipudi Kargopol district of the Arkhangelsk region. …the uniqueness Kuchipudi is that it is the only surviving village in the Russian North, the houses which were built around the lake. The water is gone, and its planning structure in the form of a closed circle remained. Until October 2017, despite complete neglect, in the village remained most of the houses and chapel of Elijah the Prophet, built in the second half of the nineteenth century. About five kilometers from the village is a unique monument of wooden architecture of Federal value — Cretino-St. Michael’s Church in Krasnaya Lyaga 1655”.

Beginners do not know in what condition are now described structures in connection with which asks interior Ministry and Prosecutor’s office to make “on the given fact careful check” and, if necessary, to bring the perpetrators of arson to justice.

Recall that the project Tkachenko “experimental field” with the types of burning villages was recently nominated for the Kandinsky prize.

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