In Tallinn showed “forbidden” a satirical Comedy about the death of Stalin

While we have arguments about whether it is possible to show the Comedy “the Death of Stalin,” the British Director Armando’s Iannucci in Tallinn at the festival “Dark nights” held its premiere. The Soviet leaders, tyrants and villains appeared in a satirical light, and he played them great European comedians.

photo: a frame from the video

The events take place in 1953. Joseph Stalin in execution Andriana MacLaine is present on the screen for long. Any Caucasian traits he does not. The portraits, lavishly decorating the square and the interiors, it is rather similar to Asian. Everything that happens in the film – a complete grotesque. But how to take it, how to explain to the survivors of the horrors of Stalin’s time – the big question. The Estonian audience and said: “this is All ridiculous, if it were not so sad.” These free movies can be removed only by free men that have not experienced the horrors of Stalinism. From the tragedy of the whole country seems absurd. It can’t be. But all this was.

All the characters of Iannucci, and it is the color of the Politburo — from Malenkov to Molotov — caricature. Still warm the body of Stalin, as he went to dance province directly on the bones. Began the struggle for power fine fellows. Play the Soviet figures of the great Comedy actors. In the role of a brake Malenkov – Jeffrey Tambor. Voluptuous Beria, leading the girls into the dungeons of the Lubyanka and obstavlyaya Dating flowers and other accessories – colorful and virtuoso Simon Russell. Good, and more other cute in the role of Khrushchev Steve Buscemi. Nikita Sergeyevich here called Nicky. He is the most humane man, and we see it beside the faithful wife Nina Petrovna. It Khrushchov entrusted to arrange the funeral of Stalin. He selects the fabric, the ruffles, while Malenkov looking for a little girl to share photos — like the one that was Stalin. Coined a heroic Grand Marshal Zhukov performed by Jason Isaacs. His whole chest with medals. He looked like something out of portraits of the heroes of the war of 1812. Hero! How to reset the overcoat under bravura music as a whole will demonstrate to become like grab a gun and shoot Beria – though stand, though fall. It is clear that relatives may in this sense, much insult. But the room is laughing, because to imagine such a life impossible. A well-played Molotov Michael Palin — reserved and, oddly enough, is almost certain.

The children of Stalin — suspended red-haired Svetlana performed by Andrea Riseboro and witty Vasily Stalin – Rupert Friend, reminiscent of Gregory Melehova in “the quiet don”. Mind just came out. That speech at the funeral of the father will close with Mausoleum about the cubs, which all Soviet citizens are! Seeing as sawing off the head of his father, he will not forget this for his companions and shout about beasts that scraped the brain of Stalin. Bugs him for it notably espinet.

Pianist Yudin, which brought Stalin to his death a crushing note, was played by living in the West Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko. How not to laugh modern audience, consisting of Europeans, when the organizers of the concert have Stalin after the call to repeat it again to write to the leader record. The conductor will fall, that fire extinguisher fall on his head. Will have to find a replacement, and this conductor, who is the closest living. Straight to robe him and bring him to the stage. Hall laughs when you can’t bring Stalin in a sense, because there are no doctors. And then — it’s not funny. Doctors either shot or in the Gulag. Found in the wild one, chased him, and he ran headlong into the power of the old forces, seeing who came to take people…

Difficult to show a picture in a country where not completely assess the acts of Stalin, where many of his defenders and admirers, where they filmed the movie, lakiruyuschii years of his reign. Young and ignorant is produced from such kineopolis, to put it mildly, a strange perception of historical facts. But how to warn humanity from the madness of unlimited power? Sometimes laughter heals.

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