Know-how on the ISS: astronauts begin to pry from the Ground

Something like a game of hide and seek with the mission control Center will depart on December 17 space member Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov. A special Assembly in the sensor heads on the Ground will have to determine the location in the station.


As reported “MK” the astronaut, who on Monday went to prepare for the flight to Baikonur, its movement at the station “beacon” in determining the location included in the experiment called “Vizir.” It allows you to test the system for tracking the astronauts on the ISS in case of emergency situations, including the most dangerous — fire.

– Our station is a pretty large space the house measures 110 by 70 m, says Shkaplerov, and along its entire length located compartments: left, right, top, bottom. If any emergency, astronaut, escape, could be anywhere, it can block the system, and his life will be threatened. Here, in order to avoid this, we carry out an onboard experiment “Vizir.” Thanks to him, the flight Directors on Earth at any time will be able to determine the location of the astronaut.

According to Shkaplerov, in a residential Zvezda module there will be four receiver signal from the sensor, which in turn will transmit information about the location of the test at MCC. In the future, these transmitters, the researchers plan to distribute all the modules.

Because Anton shkaplerov is the only Russian cosmonaut has the education of a lawyer, he had the honor for the first time to deliver to orbit the pennant of the Supreme court. The event is timed to the celebration of jurist’s Day (it is celebrated on 3 December). By the way, Shkaplerov with the title of honorary citizen of Sevastopol, will carry to the ISS not a single judicial pennant, and two – another was handed to him in his native city, in the Sevastopol city court. Both pennant on returning astronaut will return to the adjudicators to install them as trial exhibits in museums.

Anton shkaplerov will lead the flight of spacecraft “Soyuz MS-07”, the company will make him NASA astronaut Scott tingle and astronaut of the Japanese space Agency, Noriega Kanae.

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