Media: before the death of actor Maranova “drugged” potent drugs

TV channel REN TV reported that in the blood of the deceased actor Dmitry Marjanov revealed a high content of strong chemicals. We are talking about Haldol and phenazepam, and in a private rehabilitation center, where he spent his last days, the artist, the introduction of these drugs previously denied.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

It is noted that haloperidol is strictly contraindicated in toxic Central nervous system depression with alcohol.

Both drugs are part of the so-called list B and are subject to strict accountability. Storage, supply and use of these drugs is strictly regulated by orders of Ministry of health.

Experts found traces of drugs in blood, urine, liver tissue and kidney Maryanova. According to experts, they were introduced into the body of the artist over the last few days of his life.

Earlier, representatives of the private rehabilitation centre, where the Maryanov in the last days of life, has categorically denied providing him with any medical services.

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