“The Director of the Hermitage has promised not to force the visitors to wear Shoe covers

– The Hermitage will not introduce the mandatory use of Shoe covers for visitors, said Museum Director Mikhail Piotrovsky at the traditional meeting with the Internet users at year-end on Monday.

“Shoe was a short time and a bad show. Not anymore. To protect the parquet floors there is a varnish that is constantly changing. This gives you the opportunity to walk around the Museum properly”, – said Mikhail Piotrovsky.

He emphasized that the Museum “needs to feel like a man.” “There should be the feeling that you can at any time expel from the Hermitage” – said the head of the Museum.

Piotrovsky also complained of swindlers who sell tickets to the Hermitage online and claim to offer other conditions of service, but there are no such terms, and tickets do sell at a higher price”.

He also said that in the near future place cafe Cafemax is a large organized area.

“We are now changing the whole structure of the entrance area of the Museum. Instead of dining will be provided to visitors had the opportunity to relax after standing in the queue,” said Piotrovsky.

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