The driver that hit the family on Altufevskoe highway, went to the funeral

After the Wake for the deceased eight years ago my father arranged for 3 Dec terrible accident on the highway altufyevskoe drunk 31-the summer Muscovite. A man ran a red light and hit three people — died as a result of the three-year boy.

The culprit Sergei Minayev.

As it became known “MK”, about 19.50, the driver of the car “Skoda Octavia”, passing by the house 13, building 1, didn’t stop when lit up a red light. It was driven by Sergei, by profession a courier in online store and this car he rented. At that moment, left-to-right crossed the road 28-year-old Oksana (administrator in the dental clinic) and 29-year-old Paul (driver by profession) with a three-year son Maxim. Muscovites are divorced, but the father of the child does not forget. In the fateful day together they went to the children’s entertainment club “Ray” on altufyevskoe highway and returned home, where grandma was waiting for — 50-year-old Natalia with her husband-a pensioner.

Sergei ran over the pedestrian, while the main blow fell on the boy. That, according to eyewitnesses, flew to 8-9 meters. To arrival of the ambulance the baby was in a state of clinical death and died an hour later in the intensive care unit of the hospital. His mother Oksana received a broken hip and bruises and was taken to intensive care. Paul was damaged arm — the man was sent to the hospital.

Walked behind a friend Oksana and three year old daughter — they were miraculously spared. As for Sergei, he did not stop, but drove on. The culprit was detained by the taxi driver, Azerbaijani, 29-year-old Wahib Abyshev. He was sitting in his car “Hyundai Solaris”, when the accident occurred, and immediately went after the “Skoda Octavia”. The car he overtook in the area of Hotel street and blocked the car’s path. The taxi driver literally pulled Sergei, was put in his car and returned to the accident scene. Already there was Natalia, which the tragedy was reported by witnesses, from what I have seen of the ladies jumped up pressure. According to the grieving woman was so drunk that could not get out of the car, and all the questions only moaned in response. Later in a driver’s blood found on 1 ppm of alcohol. He was arrested.

Relatives told police that Sergei on Sunday morning along with her mother and family went to the cemetery on the grave of his father (a parent died from a severe ailment), and in the afternoon in the apartment at ulitsa Yablochkova held a Wake. Then the man suddenly wanted to go to his girlfriend, although relatives strongly discouraged. But he decided on his own and got in an accident.

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