The voice of Antsiferovo trying to depersonalize singer requires satisfaction

Singer Tatyana Antsiferova, whose fabulous voice is heard in the film “31 June” and in the Russian version of the rock Opera “Jesus Christ superstar”, is outraged by the situation when in modern movies and songs in its execution, but in the credits her last name is not specified.


Two years ago, in 2015, came the film “Christmas Tree shaggy”. Friends said that the movie sounds song “Looking for you” from the movie July 31. And in the credits merely stated that the music was composed by Zatsepin and lyrics are not right. And about the by — word — says Tatiana. I found, watched the credits all it is. Name Antsiferovo missing. Although the other performers mentioned. (At the end of 1977, the composer Alexander Zatsepin gave Tatiana Anciferova their songs “Looking for you”, “World without a loved one,” “He came” and “Star bridge”, which a year later became the film “31 June”).

– And me yesterday on Facebook, one user wrote that when I watched the movie “About love. Adults only”, was pleasantly surprised when I heard the song “the World beloved” in my performance. I admitted that I was not happy. Then she made sure the scene where the heroine is handcuffed to a bed, the song in my performance. With my voice the hero is carrying a half-naked lady on the street. Studied the titles, and again without specifying my name. But sounded not the instrumental version of the song. Current producers do not consider it necessary, if it is not music and poetry of the musician to contact him personally and pay him some money. It’s a shame that none of the RAO does not track this situation.

“MK” contacted the Russian author’s society. However, experts RAO declined to quickly comment on the situation.

Lawyers, in turn, suggest to start to find out who now is the owner of phonograms, on the professional slang – “mechanics” who the filmmakers transferred the rights. And to clarify, did the singer someone related rights, if she signed the contract on transfer of Executive rights to these tracks? This process is not imminent, and Tatyana to begin to send out requests to various agencies for further details.

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