Zvyagintsev can get the European “Oscar”, and he got it

December 9, Berlin will be the 30th ceremony of awarding the European film Academy. In its ranks there are over 3000 members, including winners of previous years. They evaluate the work of their colleagues. The names of some of the winners are already known. So, Alexander Sokurov will be awarded For “lifetime achievement”.

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The Council of the Academy said that on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the European film award of the Russian Director are awarded for a unique contribution to the world cinema. December 8 in the centre of Berlin will host a special event to celebrate Alexander Sokurov shows his film “Russian ark”, created by Russia together with Germany. The celebration will continue on December 9.

The presentation of the so-called European Oscars is strictly regulated. By 17 o’clock it is expected the Congress guests to the red carpet. At 18.30, as it is reported, doors will close at 18.40 to start preceremony. What it is, is still unknown. A year ago, in Wroclaw this time was given to the mayor, who urged Europe to stand under the shower, to wash away a bout of nationalism. The ceremony itself will begin at 19 hours and will end at 21.30. Guests must strictly observe the dress code and come in black.

It was in Berlin awards are awarded each odd-numbered year and in even-numbered years academicians and nominees travel to other European cities, and academics — at their own expense. For the first time the ceremony was held in 1988. Then the President of the Academy was the famous Swedish Director Ingmar Bergman, and the main award was given to “Short film about love” by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Initially the award was called “Felix” that is associated with the same café in Cannes, where, in 1987, gathered filmmakers, who invented the award in defiance of the American “Oscar”. Now awarded a silver statuette of a woman. She confronts Golden uncle “Oscar”.

In 2015, the main award was given to Italian Director Paolo Sorrentino for the film “the Youth”. In 2016 — German Director Maren Ade, who shot a 162-minute film “Toni Erdmann”. Her film won five awards, which in itself is unique.

In 2003 Andrey Zvyagintsev won in the category “discovery of the year” with his debut film “the Return”. Now his “Dislike” ((Russia-Belgium-Germany-France) are presented in three categories: “Best European film, Best European Director, Best European screenplay” (written by Oleg newanim and Andrei Zvyagintsev). But that’s not all. Pre-announced that the operator Mikhail Krichman removing “Dislike” will receive the European “Oscar” for his unique skill, namely, for a cool look that takes us through the murky world of the film, gradually creating a strong feeling. Eugene and Alexander Galperin will also receive an award as the best European composers. Again, for “Dislike”. Their music Academy called dark and disturbing: it envelops and enhances the impression of the picture “Dislike”. A year ago similar awards of the European film Academy was awarded Russian conductor and composer Ilya Demutsky for his work on the soundtrack to the film “Student” directed by Kirill Serebrennikov. The name of the winner was also known in advance, and he was not involved in the competitive struggle.

The record for number of nominations at this time was the “Square” Swedish Director Ruben Ostlund already has in the Arsenal of the “Palme d’or” at the Cannes film festival. This painting has five nominations. Hungarian tape “body and soul” of Ildiko Anadi presented in four categories. The picture already has the “Golden bear” Berlinale. So the competition from “Dislike” powerful.

In the category “Best European film” in addition to paintings Zvyagintsev included four films: “120 beats per minute” by French Director Robin, Campillo, “body and soul” of Ildiko Anadi, “Square” Ruben Ostlund, “the other side of hope” Finnish Maestro Aki Kaurismaki.

In the category “Best European Director”, again, apart from Andrei Zvyagintsev submitted by: Ildiko Eneidi, Aki Kaurismaki, Greek Director yorgos of lanthimos with the picture “the Killing of a sacred deer”, Ruben Östlund. In the category “Best European scenario” submitted by: “Dislike”, “body and soul” of Ildiko Anadi, “Killing a sacred deer” Giorgos Lanthimos and Efthimis Filippou, “Square” Ruben Estlund, Franz Francois Ozon.

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