Coloring Lenin under the Ukrainian flag in Chelyabinsk remained outside the jurisdiction

Police in Chelyabinsk are unable to bring to court a criminal case of painting in Chelyabinsk bust of Lenin in the colors of Ukrainian flag, said the lawyer of the International human rights group “Agora” Andrey Lepekhin.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According to him, militiamen had to make a ruling on termination of case against an activist Alexei Moroshkina the expiration of the Statute of limitations.

“The case was investigated for two years, told Lepekhin, — during this time changed several times, investigators, lost, and a year later have found evidence, lost and never found the resolution on a search of the apartment Moroshkin”.

Several attempts to send the case to court was not successful because of the demands of the Prosecutor for additional investigation.

In the end, said Lepekhin, his client, not acknowledging guilt, “agreed with the dismissal of the case in connection with the expiration of limitation periods of bringing to criminal liability, as he had no strength to walk to the investigators.”

In the coloring of the bust, the police saw a crime under article “Vandalism” (part 1 of article 214 of the criminal code), according to which the activist faces up to 3 months of arrest.

Recall that in August 2014, a star on a Moscow skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment in the colors of Ukrainian flag painted Ukrainian refer Pavel Ushivez (Mustang Wanted). Russian law enforcers were unable to catch him, arresting only four base jumpers, the action had no relationship. In the end, they received compensation for unlawful criminal prosecution. One of the base jumpers, Alexey Shirokogorov, died in July of this year in the mountains of Switzerland when performing a jump, the other – Alexander Cellars – crashed recently in Kabardino-Balkaria.

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