“Letatlin” landed in the Tretyakov gallery: endured legendary exhibit

Collection of the New Tretyakov gallery on the Crimean Shaft was added to non-motorised aircraft! Technical masterpiece and a work of art at the same time — the legendary … flapping approach “Letatlin”, created by one of the titans of the Russian avant-garde, the founder of constructivism Vladimir Tatlin in 1929-1932.

Photo: Evgeny Alekseev, Tretyakov gallery

Flying machine — the ornithopter — entered the gallery for temporary storage of the Central Museum of Military air forces of the Russian Federation in the town of Monino for the study, restoration and display in the halls of the “Art of XX century”. The show exhibit has become possible due to realization of unique works — the largest in the history of existence mahalata a comprehensive research and restoration.

How does he look? As a flying machine with flapping wings for personal flight. A prefabricated three-dimensional object consists of structurally separable parts: two wings of different species (left — with fabric cording, right — not), fuselage and suspended structure inside the Central volume of the fuselage — wicker bassinet.

Materials needed: tree — skeleton of the whole structure is made of curved rails with inserts of whalebone and winding herringbone tape; metal — levers, bearings, overhead straps on the spars of the wings; wire — tight under the left wing of the tubes; — insertion in the structural joints of the fuselage; fabric — cording of the left wing; leather — straps and cords; rattan — wicker bassinet.

Tatlin for the first time demonstrated the machine at the recital in the writers Club in 1932. Later in the same year, the artist presented in a solo exhibition at the Museum of new Western art (which wants to revive Irina Antonova) the entire project to create mahalla “Letatlin”. And three models of aircrafts and the preparatory process — specific design elements, pictures, drawings.

None of the devices is probably not completely survived. In 1953, after the death of Vladimir Tatlin, the Commission of the Moscow branch of the Union of artists at the artist’s heritage distributed to museums all his remaining works in the Studio. Central house of aviation them. Frunze went to the unassembled elements of the “Letatlin”.

After 20 years, restored again … flapping approach was exhibited as an art object in the artist’s personal exhibition in Central house of writers, hosted by art historian Larissa Zhadova, with the participation of the writer Costantino Simon. In 1990-e years “Letatlin” “flying,” no fair. Soon seriously damaged during the transportation exhibit came on the restoration in restavracionnye center. Grabar. The last 20 years “Letatlin” never left the walls of the Central Museum of the Russian air force was shown in the hangar next to other equipment.

In 2016, the leadership of the Tretyakov gallery has appealed to the Central Museum of the air force of the Russian Federation with a request to give … flapping approach “Letatlin” to be exhibited in the halls of permanent exhibition Gallery on the Crimean Shaft. In the Central Museum of the Russian air force were sympathetic to this proposal and provided the exhibit. Under joint agreements the Tretyakov gallery has a commitment to placing artworks in the exhibition to conduct scientific studies of the monument and its complex restoration.

In the fall of 2016, the year “Letatlin” appeared in the Tretyakov gallery. Conducted a comprehensive research and delicate restoration work. Now we have completed the first stage of the research, and completed restoration and conservation of the exhibit. In the future, experts will continue to examine archival documents and details of other devices to clarify the original appearance of the exhibit.

The monument is in need of periodic maintenance works on dust. That is what the staff of the state Tretyakov gallery. It is important that it is not locked in the workshop, and placed in the permanent exhibition along with other works of Tatlin and the art of the twentieth century.

Critics of the idea Mahilyow characterize this work of Tatlin as a carer in the area of clean technology. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the “Letatlin” should be seen as a “last act of artistic idealism of the era of the avant-garde” (V. I. Rakitin), as one of the most daring in concept and aesthetically perfect works of art of the twentieth century. First time in decades, the wide range of audience has the opportunity to verify this. And to Express their opinion about the new exhibit will be on December 9th the discussion of “Letatlin”: return. Public research ornithopter” in “ZILART hall”, where the newly opened street Tatlin.

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