Members of the “moon crew” of experienced linen, you don’t need to wash

Unique prototypes of new flight clothing for the lunar crews from lingerie to costumes experienced during the experiment in long-term isolation at the Institute of biomedical problems of the RAS the participants of the project “Sirius”.

Photo: IBMP

As reported by “MK” in RSC “Energia”, the current sets of flight suits (PC), which placed astronauts on the Soyuz spacecraft was designed in the 70’s of the last century and since then, only slightly modernized. When the flight into orbit lasted for two days, members of the crew, freed from the suits, dressed in them. Last time, when the astronauts delivered to ISS in 6 hours, the need for dressing at all anymore — the PC is almost never removed from the pilings. But in the future convenient flight suit again can be useful in connection with a three-day flight to the moon. Modern flight clothes should combine function, a sweat suit, pajamas or Executive suit in which it would be appropriate to appear before the camera during communication with the Ground. Here are the updated attires for flights and developed for future lunar crews of Russian designers. Separate grey Trouser sets, retains heat well, but at the same time well ventilated and did not lose form, have successfully passed the test in the experiment “Sirius”. There’s also the testers tested and unique lunar linen fibre has antibacterial properties. According to the crew, they wore it without taking off for two weeks and all the time they didn’t not that uncomfortable, but even a hint of pollution.

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