“Mikhalkov had a fight”: the legendary Soviet film Director Vladimir Naumov – 90 years

No, now is not a “Tehran-43”. Naumov-90, that’s important! Still, his films difficult to understand what it is. In his remarkable films. It and Alova on the Eve of the anniversary… we met at “Mosfilm” in his old office. “Here slept on the sofa Tarkovsky — shows Naumov. — But the coat of Fellini. Even his naked woman lying down have been washed”. “What’s that to you?” — asked him suddenly went down the operator. “Mikhalkov fight” — without pause, said Naumov. Here is a man and not know when he laughs, and when seriously.

With a wonderful sense of humor! “I’m homeless,” he says to himself.

So, the old Mosfilmovsky office, and no Secretary! The young Naumov starts… and of course, wins.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

“I scored!”

— Don’t listen to me, I’m kidding, and it’s stupid jokes. I’m lying still. Why do you need a Secretary?

— Well, that gulls filed.

— And here it is! A homeless man is different, I have a house there. However, there is a repair. But I’m in the apartment with his son to play football. I recently even broke his leg: the boy at the gate stood, and I was beaten. Fell on the carpet slipped. Hurt very good the carpet that Natasha’s father at the time, brought from abroad. I’m also a chair broke, you know? But I scored! Then in hospital.

— A fracture?

— What! One and a half hours under anesthesia!

— How are the wife, the kids?

— Everything is normal. I was hoping that you will talk about the culture… And the wife… All good!

“The dog bear and the shepherd. Skinny as a film.”

— Vladimir Naumovich you fought?

— No, my dear, not yet. When the war started, I was in a pioneer camp near Moscow. And my friend decided to run home. Walked through the woods first, there was looking for mushrooms, eating them. Then the train counter and go home.

…When the Germans bombed Moscow, dropped incendiary bombs. We drove into the basement, and it was shot in a house on Bolshaya Polyanka. There Lesha Batalov lived, Savchenko, Carmen and Eric Pyriev, the son of Ivan pyreva. We were there to sneak onto the roof and such long tongs when he fell an incendiary bomb, rushed at her, seized and carried into the tank with the sand. Like a child’s sandbox, only bigger and deeper. The bomb erupted with fireworks, and then faded. You know, when I’m at the cottage and sit by the fireplace and take the floppy to the pin pliers, I awfully like the tongs that were there. Then we were evacuated to Kazan, and then in Alma-ATA.

In Kazan we were sent to a hotel. Said, “Your number is zero”. Came, knocking. My aunt opens the door… Turns out is a former toilet, really! Push cleared, and there scored a piece of a Telegraph pole. Instead of the bookcase hangs a rusty cistern and dripping. Here’s how we went to bed: first the aunt of my friend Aslan Gocheva, then he, and then, I like the long letter “G”.

— When you shot your first film, the film you noticed. What was this man — the legendary and scary? He’s Eldar Ryazanov helped with the “Carnival night”, Nathanson…

— And to us, the General Director of “Mosfilm” was. Despite the fact that hated our Alowyn paintings, and his paintings we hated and absolutely did not hide it, we had good relations. And this becomes very active for us fought. Maybe if it was not, we would have never taken place. I was friends with his son and helped him to a serious matter, when we haven’t really met him. Once I was sitting at home, was making something from the designer. And I really loved all the fights, quarrels in our yard… And when I heard the screaming of the women, went to the window, hoping this fight. Quickly went down to the street, watching the crowd broke and I saw… But first the backstory: directed by Igor Savchenko, my teacher, had a dog bear, a German shepherd. Skinny as Hutsiev. Hutsiev then weighed 40 pounds. Yuri Ozerov, Director of “Liberation”, which was 120 pounds, I tried to weigh… do you know how we slept together? Worked with assistants — and now fall back to sleep. Put a piece of wood on the sheet, and the three of us. First went to the lake in the centre, thereby strengthening our “bed”. Right fit easy. and then I Featherweight. But if you wanted to go to the toilet, then had to Wake everyone, first he then I, and last climbed down, cursing us, lake. It was his “Third strike”, we in the Crimea was shot in Armyansk.

— So what you Purevu helped?

— Now, this Bear, a male, kept trying to fertilize the Gretta, bitch. And here it happened, it happened. They could not separate, shouting, noise… Gathered women, “killed!” shout. And in the middle stood first in his hat, with the bucket, and neither could the dogs to tear apart. They were biting him. First saw me, poked his bucket and shouted: “There, behind the corner of the garage Romm faucet. Bring water!” I ran, rattling the empty bucket. Then he ran, threw pyreva, myself… So it’s like we drank brotherhood. Pyrev grabbed a bucket, poured on the Bear and Greta, the dog scared them and then taken away.

— After that, the way you noticed?

Yeah, noticed as a very good water retrievers.

— And then it turned out that you’re a good Director.

— I joined the film Institute in antiplate…

“Czarnota would give ear to Chludowo?”

— What for you the most beloved and the most important of your film? Don’t know? But for me — Running, I can watch from any place. Well, the very best scene, of course, Ulyanov, Evstigneev, when they play cards. Maybe it’s a favorite scene of the entire Soviet people.

— All Soviet people who have seen “Running,” has died.

1970. “Beg.”

— And we are with you… Tell me how that scene was improvisation and how much of your Alovin directing?

— I mean, the Director must know the actor. For example, I never spend casting. Do I hate that word.

— Well, Yes, it is very demeaning to artists. Try one, two, three, and then say: “goodbye, you don’t need it.”

— No, we Alowyn never said that. I love just being with the artist to talk to. Ask: “Hey, where are you born?..”

And Ulyanov, Evstigneev, Batalov you were talking to?

— They even did not have a conversation, we were friends.

— Dvorzhetsky?

— Do not Dvorzhetsky is an actor. He graduated from the midwifery College. We brought a picture of him. He is in Omsk, where it was played. Sasha Alova and I was interested, decided in the crowd to take. Then I thought: no, better make him quiet, there, in the “Run”, such a character. Failed. And at the same time suddenly cried out: “Khludov!” Dvorzhetsky was a modest bugger. Came in and immediately said, “Can I see you with Ulyanov going to rehearse?” Yes, we were all friends. And now no friends, only buddies.

— And about Ulyanov you immediately realize that this is a General Charnota?

— Well, we talked to him. I asked him: “did they beat You?” And he was big. “Well I was beaten,” he says. “The adults beat?” “Yes, there was one fight, do not want to remember”. And then I asked: “do you think Czarnota would give ear to Chludowo?” — “No,” says Ulianov. “Why?” — “God only knows”. Dvorzhetsky and sits opening his mouth and speaking. The original feelings we had…

— When Ulyanov in their white underpants fits Evstigneeva: “Paramosha!” And then raises him and kisses her. Also you come up with?

— Of course, us. There was another problem. I, as a vile man, said to the makeup girl so she did Ulyanov creep. You know what is creep? Mustache. But the makeup artist stuck in the moustache several of these fibers. That’s why Evstigneev was otpravyatsya really- PAH-PAH-PAH! And Ulyanov at this time, he lights his cigar. This, too, we came up with. Here Evstigneev always improvised, he didn’t like to rehearse, he was bored. He then wandered into the room and fell asleep. He could play everything. There is a situation that cannot be made a truth, as he did in “a Bad joke”. He there falls a napkin, he reaches for her under the table, sees that there is the hand with the glass. Takes this hands, drinks it and goes to sleep. He dreams of the Lilliputians. And he played! He did want the truth. …But no, in the movie “White holiday”…

— This is his last film… There had to play Mastroianni?

— No, it was another script that was written by Tonino Guerra. Mastroianni was rehearsing, and then got sick, and he was gone. He was a wonderful, cheerful, cheerful person. One day he gave his daughter “rolls-Royce”. And that came as something to her. See — a terrible armored car leaves, but just a tank! It turned out to be his “rolls-Royce”, only poke out a shovel, a pitchfork… That is not the gift for business purposes.

1994. “White holiday”.

With Smoktunovsky how do you work?

He was already very sick then, called me from the hospital. He’s amazing, my love. And in that day, his heart again was taken to the hospital. Call night, in four hours: “Hello!” and the voice of this evil. And suddenly in a whisper: “Volodya, Volodya…” — “What, who is it?” “Vladimir, I speak from under the blanket. I say… Now, wait, catch my breath. But this scene I have played, are you sure? Volodya, let’s re-do, okay?” I said, “Okay, Polly, what a conversation, if you want…” he was very loyal.

— Listened to you?

— Me all listen. And no — so up your arse. …And Elena Bulgakov told Alulim: “Sasha, voloden’ka, listen to me, I’m the only representative of Bulgakov on the ground, no longer one”.

“And these jerks will make remarks, comrade Stalin!”

— Alov Naumov — you were one?

— The conflict has always existed inside, but it gives the volume. I fought him even.

— By the way, it is something the war took place.

— It was a war, he’s six years older than me. It was a real man, cliche, but… It’s a friend.

And fought you because of creative differences? Directly on the set?

— No, not at all. We lived in the same apartment in Kiev. It was under Stalin. We worked with the assistants in the picture, which was shot Savchenko. Stalin saw the film, said, “a Good picture, pass the Director 12 of my remarks”. Ivan Bolshakov, the Minister of cinematography, and he listened: “Yes, comrade Stalin.” Only the Director, our beloved Savchenko, died, and Bolshakov was afraid of Stalin to say it. Then Bolshakov called Pyr and Romm: “Finish the film”. “Will not,” replied the first. Maybe scared of the consequences. And then pointed at us with Alulim: “Here they let off”. At 8 am I receive a phone call: “Comrade Naumov! Immediately to the Minister.” Me: “Paradjanov, go in there…!” Did not believe it. Another call: “Excuse me, you made a mistake, this is not Parajanov. This is a very serious matter. Don’t hang up”. And Olowu also called. We had to go to the Minister and says its. On foot, at 3am. Bolshakov is like a kilo of mustard eaten. Look at me, “And these jerks will make remarks, comrade Stalin!” Went to his office. Suddenly he began to wink us. Think: “Perhaps invites you to sit down”. And, too, he began to wink.

— A nervous TIC?

— You’re right! It turned out that when he was angry, his twitching eye, right. He even fear in Ukrainian spoke. Then — Georgian intonation with Stalin. In General, good conversation, and he approved us.

1979. “Tehran-43”.

“Alain Delon does not drink Cologne”

— Vladimir N. you almost all films shot my wonderful wife?

— No. In the last — Yes, all.

Well, in “Teheran-43” is maybe her most famous role. Tell me, this is such a wonderful, beautiful, talented Natalya Belokhvostikova is why, except for you, it’s not making one?

If she didn’t like the role, she refused. Natasha is a happy accident that she did not need to earn a living.

— After she’s married to you?

— Well, Yes. But the State award she received for his painting “the lake”.

— When she was only…

— …18 years old, she was the youngest winner.

— And now to Natalia just shoot you. Besides, very few people see these films.

— Well, to hell with them, with people! When we arrived in Paris, she was invited to do the American, Swedish and French producers. She refused. She loves Russia. I, too, more than three weeks abroad do not stand up. I want in my condo to climb and sit there.

— Here you now remove the “Tale of Tsar Saltan”…

We started up and began to play. Natasha plays, there is a woman Babarikha. That’s how she played!

— And where is it?

— Lies to me. I removed 30% of the material. I need 200 thousand rubles, but they do not give. And gave 30 thousand.

— Look, it’s a mockery, it is less than the average salary of one person. It is them who gives one Breakfast in the restaurant.

— Awful. And how many stole, probably… But now is the time, the military, unfortunately.

photo: Evgeny Semenov
With two Natashas. Wife Natalia Belokhvostikova and daughter Natalia Naumova.

— Well, let’s go back to better times, “Tehran-43”, when the state did not skimp on money. There’s also Alain Delon’ve played.

— What to say about him — well, he played and played. He had a tiny role of a police officer, one day. He had to whistle, to stop the car, which drove Vladimir Basov, and all. Bass and begged us to take him to Paris, he was never there. We took it, was given the role of chauffeur. And here I am, a cocky, saying to my producer Sheiko, a Frenchman of Russian origin: “And let the policeman take the stage”. “Are you crazy, he’ll kill me!” cried Sheiko. And it was late evening, dark, it was raining. But still Sheiko called Delaunay. Begged, pleaded… and he refused. And then I say: again call. Sheiko called: “Alain, I sit here two crazy Director, I want you to shoot.” “What?..” — asked Delon. And he’s not very good to my homeland. “Well, is again, download. — Come, my good mood today”. We arrived, he met us: “Let me read my role.” I gave him a piece of paper. He looked at us with Alulim green eye of the tiger: “is that all?!” “Yes,” said I in French. And I said, “I want to sing you a song.” And sang: “Alain Delon does not drink Cologne and is drinking a double Bourbon” (sings)…

Look, “Nautilus Pompilius” this is much later wrote that.

— No, I wrote, and then Butusov I at loggerheads. But Alain Delon from all this I got only “double Bourbon”. Got up, took from the cupboard a bottle and poured us all a double Bourbon. We clinked glasses and drank. “So, — said Delon. Now I have no time tomorrow at 8 o’clock in the morning in French language, 20 pages a good role then I’ll play. And now let’s have another drink”. “No, I said. — We have no time, we went to work.” And we rushed to the hotel. In an hour came pretty French stenographer, and we Alowyn dictated a new role for Delon… the next day at 8 am we came to him. He took these 20 pages: “the Evening will give an answer”. And the night is calling me happy Sheiko: “DeLong said Yes! Only a lot of money took.” But it’s all a game, you know… My friend Fellini, whom I adore, once said to me: “Who told you that it’s throes of creation? What a pain! It is a joy to play!”

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