NASA released the photo of an “explosive” galaxy

Experts at the American space Agency NASA is working with orbital telescope Hubble introduced the galaxy ESO 580-49 in the constellation of Libra. As noted in the text under the picture of calm and serenity that emanates from the pictures, should not deceive the viewer — recently within the galaxy, a powerful explosion occurred.

photo: NASA

Spiral galaxy ESO 580-49 located 190 million light-years from Earth. Judging from the radiation, just reached the Earth, recently, in this galaxy occurred gamma-ray burst. The probability that the major source of energy is not in ESO 580-49, and on the same “line” with it relative to the Earth is 1 in 10 million, so experts believe it is acceptable to assume that the explosion occurred there.

Gamma-ray bursts last from a few milliseconds to hours, but is usually followed by a longer “afterglow” in x-ray, ultraviolet, optical, infrared and radio. It is believed that gamma-ray bursts typically occur during a supernova, when a rapidly spinning massive star collapses, becoming either a neutron star or quark star or a black hole. In just a few seconds of the flare released as much energy as the Sun would have allocated 10 billion years light.

Telescope “Hubble” is a joint project of NASA and the European space Agency. He was named after Edwin Hubble (the astronomer who proved the existence of galaxies beyond the milky way) and launched on 24 April 1990. The number of frames received during the work of Hubble in Earth orbit received more than 1.2 million frames depicting planets, stars, galaxies and nebula. The total amount of information collected is about 50 terabytes. Professionals working with the telescope, regularly posts the most fascinating or interesting of their pictures at the website of the space Observatory there’s a section “Photo of the week”.

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