The Glinka Museum opened “the myth of the Stradivarius”

In the Museum of musical culture was held a solemn opening of the unique exhibition of violins by the most famous artists of the Italian school, entitled “the myth of the Stradivarius”. The exhibition presents 15 tools Antonio Stadivari, Andrea and Nicolo Amati, Giuseppe Guarneri del gesù, Enrico Ceruti and other Italian masters, which mark the various stages of the long history of violin making in Cremona.

The exhibition acquaints visitors with the history of violins, secrets and, of course, accurately describes the build tools. Interestingly, each violin a special approach: each window maintains a certain temperature that is appropriate for your exhibit.

“The workshop of the violin maker” (one of the main sections of the exhibition — “MK”) lifted the veil of secrecy of Antonio Stradivari, whose name is known to every Italian, and in General most people around the world. His violin to this day are sold at fantastic prices at auctions, they play the most outstanding violinists of our time. The exhibition will show the way for the birth of the violin through the complex process of their creation.

During the opening ceremony, the first counselor of the Embassy of Italy in Russia Walter Ferrara spoke about the importance of Italian culture to Russia, focusing on the fact that the joint projects between the two countries are always very successful, gathering a total audience of at least one million people.

After the official part, the Italians gladly gave a tour of the halls, telling the story of each instrument. And after an exciting preview, visitors presented a concert of laureates of international competitions violinist Hayk Narek Kazazyan, a violist Fedor Belugina and others. The audience was pleasantly surprised by the music of young and talented performers on the instruments presented at the exhibition “the myth of the Stradivarius”.

In the continuation of the longstanding cooperation during the opening of the exhibition “the myth of the Stradivarius”, the Museum of musical them. M. I. Glinka and the violin Museum announced the creation of the first in Russia Center for restoration of musical instruments, aiming at the preservation of the Museum Fund of Russia, one of the largest in the world.

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