Ural ufologist noticed a ball-shaped UFO near ISS

Viewing video from Webcams installed on Board the International space station, ham radio and UFO researcher from Nizhny Tagil, Valentin Degteryov found in the background of the bright round object. Degterev suggested that the UFO has an artificial origin.

In a video posted Degterev, you notice a white object, initially almost blocked the station, but then it turns out to her left. According to the Nizhny Tagil ufologist, has “a perfect spherical shape”, and larger than the ISS, but inferior to the mythical planet Nibiru. How radio Amateur was able to calculate the size of the UFO, not having accurate information about the distance to it, a UFO researcher did not specify.

Degterev said that the object could be taken for a new natural satellite of the Earth, if not its man-made origin. In favor of the assumption that the object was created artificially, says that he’s very bright in the sunlight according to degtereva, this means that its surface is made of metal.

In fact, the object is likely a fragment of space debris or, less likely, microsatellite, reports ura.news, citing Paul Skripnichenko Institute of natural Sciences and mathematics of Ural Federal University.

Valentin Degterev often reports that he found mysterious objects of artificial origin in the Solar system. In particular, for the last time he saw in the vastness of Antarctica, at least three of the “alien spaceships”, wrecked in different places and in totally different time. Also spacecraft and entire abandoned cities alien UFO found on the moon and on Mars.

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