Veronica Dudarova: female, continues to conduct even after falling from the panel

101 years ago, November 22 (December 5), 1916, born Veronika Dudarova, the third in the world and the first in the history of this woman conductor. She became famous for not only his talent, but also the brightest temperament, manifested both at work and in other aspects of life.

To Veronica Dudarova worldwide the conductor worked professionally only two women, Nadia Boulanger and Jeanne Ebrary. Both of them were French.

Dudarov, studied at the Moscow Conservatory at the faculty of symphonic conducting with 1939-1947 year. It is known that even after the outbreak of war she refused to go to evacuation and continued to rehearse. As a conductor, she made her debut in 1944, working in the Central children’s theatre. Since 1947 she has worked at the Moscow state academic Symphony orchestra, from 1960-1989, he held it as the chief conductor. In 1991 has created a new Dudarova Symphony orchestra where he was artistic Director and principal conductor until 2009. Veronica Dudarova worked with the major orchestras for more than 50 years now, her name is listed in the Guinness Book of records. Journalists and musicians have repeatedly noted the ability Dudarova subtly feel the music and find the tracks the subtle variations and its unique creative style.

The first national woman conductor was engaged in teaching in 1959 and 1960 she was head of the Department of orchestra conducting of the Institute of culture and teacher of Opera and Symphony conducting at the music Academy. The October revolution (now the Moscow state Institute of music named after A. G. Schnittke).

Many colleagues and public figures. has repeatedly stated that his career Dudarova dispelled the myth of the conductor as an exclusively male profession. She herself said that for a conductor it is important to have talent, to be able to solve problems and to be strong-willed, and from the floor of his professional qualities are independent.

In 1993, during one of the performances in Andor Dudarova fell from the conductor’s Desk — according to witnesses, it happened because of the inherent temperamental conducting. However, even such an event did not stop her to complete the execution of the work — she continued to conduct lying down.

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