Dzhigarkhanyan ready for the wedding

While the ex-wife of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya invents fakes for journalists about his now former husband, the darling of the public busy. He will have a wedding. “Wedding Krechinsky” which in 1854 wrote a great Sukhovo-Kobylin.

Photo: AGN “Moscow”

The Dzhigarkhanyan theater as its “I” brand will offer the classical formulation, where, however, gambling, intriguing and intellectual delights will compete in the spirit of the time. For the statement come from the young Director Andrey Krupnik, and thus we can hope for a breath of fresh air to read before the holes play.

…”Wedding Krechinsky”, written by Sukhovo-Kobylin in prison, the scene is usurped rather quickly. Still, the filmmakers never ceases to capture the play with a colorful Russian language and a purely national eccentricities. Where it only did not put who it did not play — all color of the Russian and later Soviet theatre. The drama was converted into a vaudeville and musical, and musical reading only added to her glasses.

The world of scams and violent games today like never have to the court. Talented people, the player and the adventurer Mikhail Krechinsky, cornered by monetary need, going to deal with his conscience. Marriage for money. As a “victim”, he chooses the daughter of a millionaire.

We’ve reached Armen Borisovich before the premiere:

— Armen Borisovich, a fatal coincidence in my life — divorce, and wedding…

— What could be better than a wedding? Classic is the best it can be today. She talks about scams. You know what I’m dealing? I was surprised to learn: that I am homeless, I’m a father and my wife is pregnant… All lies! That’s about it best of all told of the great Sukhovo-Kobylin. But he didn’t know what in our lives will happen. I have a rich life experience. But still — you live and you learn, you die a fool.

— Armen Borisovich, you continue to sleep in the theater?..

— I live thanks to my friends, in a new lovely apartment. Come visit us. But first, I invite everyone in the theatre to the audience (and we have both old and new) that the Dzhigarkhanyan theater alive, as it is not trying to bury or slander.

— Do you think that the atmosphere of scandal affected the work? Maybe artists are demoralized?

Of course, it is unpleasant, distracting. But I saw the rehearsal — all work fine. I’m happy with the result. I don’t think I made a mistake in the choice of plays and the young Director. The young can be trusted, but not all!

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