Passenger “Boeing”, rolled down the runway, “I Thought, forced to drag the plane”

Because of the snowfall, which began exactly on the first day of winter in the capital’s airports has been detained more than 400 flights. Because of traffic jams, some passengers had to wait for a flight already in the cabin for 5-7 hours. 6 Dec due to a strong storm flew about 50 flights.

photo: Alexander Chernushenko

On December 5, in the evening, leading specialist of the center weather “Phobos” Eugene Tiscover warned Muscovites: “In the second half of the day (December 6 — approx.ed) the evening will grow 15-centimeter drifts. A real winter tale.” By morning, according to forecasts of weather forecasters, can drop 10% of the monthly norm of precipitation.

For passengers of plane Boeing-737 of the Latvian airline AirBaltic, however, the tale became a bit frightening. After landing at Sheremetyevo airport while taxiing from the runway the aircraft was rolled out on 10 meters beyond it. As reported in the airline, the cause of the incident was strong wind and slippery runway.

Passengers themselves reacted to the incident quite calmly. “Slid past the taxiway, waiting for a tow,” wrote one of them in social networks. An eyewitness told “MK” that after the incident to the Board fairly quickly drove the fire truck. “I think that now we will land, given a rope and forced to carry” laughed the passengers in the cabin. To 18:00 for all the passengers left the plane and got the Luggage.

Because of the incident at the airport for airplanes was only one open lane. In this connection accumulate in the queue for departure — about six to eight aircraft. At the time of publication, Sheremetyevo flight was delayed about 50 flights.

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