The exhibition in Kolomenskoye Park dedicated to the rare products Klin legendary glass fishing

Christmas mood you can feel in the Museum-reserve Kolomenskoe, where the Palace of Alexei Mikhailovich presented the rare beauty of the exhibition “Fragile miracle on a Christmas tree”. It is dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the legendary Klin glass-blowing craft.

Photo: courtesy of the press service of the Museum-reserve

Balls with intricate designs, marvelous forms of tops for Christmas trees, figurines with funny faces, incredible beauty-themed decorations… the spirit of the occasion is palpable in the air. At first, even impossible to believe that the traditional Christmas toy was in its infancy… with the perfume and Apothecary glassware, and most importantly, “chasnogo Providence.” For the first time in the history of exhibitions devoted to the Christmas tree, have a unique opportunity to see the history of glass Christmas ornaments.

– The wedge – the birthplace of the Christmas toys – says the General Director of Russia’s only today, the largest enterprises of national art crafts “Christmas Tree” Olga Volkova. – It all started with a glass factory Menshikov. The peasants who worked there, were the real masters: they are blown glass earrings, beads and other female ornaments. Such fishing anywhere else was not.

In the second half of the XIX century by glassblowers required special skills. The clarity of the images, the evenness of the walls of the vials, the beauty of glass products to adequately compete with similar products of other Russian factories and foreign models.

The bottles were blown into a form, as later toys. Visitors admire the elegant glass products of the time and even wonder…Well where still you will see the tiny (1.5 cm) blow molding a bottle for poison.

Photo: courtesy of the press service of the Museum-reserve

For the first time, more than a hundred years the audience represent two views kamusinga craft — beads blown and cast. Camusso-glass craft was to vitaliani “stones” for beads by nabivanija softened on the fire glass on the iron rod is “hand wound”.

The most difficult part in the process of making beads was the piercing of the holes for the thread. Later came a press for tricks “stones” from hot glass in any form, and after that there was a possibility of manufacture of buttons. At the beginning of the last century the inflated beads were used to adorn Christmas trees. There was even the expression “dressed as a tree.” Familiar with unique items kamusinga fishing folk costumes and headdresses decorated with inflated beads.

– After jewelry went mounting toy – continues Olga Pavlovna – we have even submitted details of future products. Skilled craftsmen collected them, guided only by their imagination. Gradually the range began to expand: there were themed decorations. However, our toys are easily distinguishable: it is immediately possible to say that this folk craft.

Photo: courtesy of the press service of the Museum-reserve

The largest section of the exhibition — a collection of modern Christmas decorations. Of particular interest is the Assembly toy of the 1930-ies and modern. The uniqueness of this toy is that absolutely everything is done by hand. Nowhere in Europe such a toy do not.

Next, set the exposure, causing it to thicken with delight: the whole history of the country of the Soviet Union — Soviet symbols (hammer and sickle, stars, badges, campaign theme). Aviation and space toys, which are produced in 1936 to this day. Russian theme of the famous tea party, Slavic symbols, toys-variations on the motifs of Khokhloma, Gzhel, Jostova, Pavlovo-Posad shawls, Russian gingerbread, dolls.

A special place — blown balls. Today it is a rarity in Europe, where the toy usually blowing machine. Presents the balls is a free blowing entirely dependent on the experience and skill of the person. Unique toys released in the 1980 Olympics (the top”torch”, released a limited edition, the dog “Medal”), toys for the Olympics 2014 year in Sochi today have become a rarity.

Photo: courtesy of the press service of the Museum-reserve

Interestingly, in Soviet times, the tree was banned, but cooperative wedge still worked. When in 1935, the year I decided to make a holiday for children, out of nowhere came a whole avalanche of toys. They were produced even in wartime. All the toys are made by hand throughout its existence. The most time consuming is the top “star”. Due to unusual size and complex patterns of beads on it takes a lot of time and effort.

Just impossible to list. You just need to come. Some Christmas toys evoke memories of childhood, others are just pleasing to the eye. After the show remains good feeling of the upcoming holiday.

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