The mystery of the Russian icons Museum conservators advise not to touch it

In St. Petersburg continues the dark story of the attempt of the “Orthodox businessman” Shmakov “relocated” one of the main Museum of the country value, the pre-Mongol Novgorod icon, presumably depicting the Archangel Gabriel, in the Church at the Mikhailovsky castle.

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This time it’s serious: as before every movement of the exhibits of the Department of ancient Russian art of the Russian Museum, the scientific and conservation Council. This time it included also the staff of the State Hermitage, the Tretyakov gallery and the Academy of fine arts. They all agreed that the movement of the icon four times a year from place to place can have irreversible consequences for the safety of the monument and decided that the original 800 year old painting should remain in the Museum hall.

– Employees of the Tretyakov gallery shared experiences, we were offered a special cell, which maintains humidity, but not temperature. They already had experience in the transfer of the icon of the Mother of God, then, too, there was great resistance. However, we believe that we can’t risk that just to test a possible “behavior” of the monument.

Full version Council decisions will go to the Desk personally to the Minister of culture. However, legally it has no power – if the Ministry wants, he has the right to withdraw the icon and “move” it anywhere. When “angel” went on exhibition in the United States in 2004, the conservation Council is also not recommended to move the exhibit. “But the show was politically important” – think Museum workers. From overseas “angel” came back in worse condition than it was. What happens with the icon, if its surly Petersburg the weather will be worn here and there every couple of months, scared to even think.

Characterized by the fact that the Director of the Museum on the announcement of results of the Board of conservators were not. In fact, I came to the Museum and after reviewing the documents, it could behind closed doors make a very different decision.

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