The winner of “Russian Booker” who killed Bobrynina

“Russian Booker” for 26 years and seeks passionately interested in the contemporary literary stream of the most talented and unexpected compositions. Our classics loved sir Michael Caine, Creator of the award and is now interested looks into new works by his widow, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne. Unfortunately, the final triumph award, she was unable to arrive. Feast made their live participation, Simon Dixon, Chairman of the Committee Bukerovskoj. Together with Igor Shaytanova, literary Secretary of the award, he supported the party.

Photo: AGN “Moscow”

All finalists of the “Russian Booker” is a winner. Five of them are awarded a prize of 150 thousand rubles. Remember their names and novels:

Michael Gigolashvili, “the Secret year”. Igor Malyshev, “The Rule Of. Sparks of the big fire”. Vladimir Medvedev, “Zahhak”. Alexander Melekhov, “a Date with Quasimodo”.

The winner was Alexander Nikolaenko. His novel debutante called relentlessly cruel “to Kill Barykina. The story of a murder”. Her reward — a half million rubles.

Fragile, delicate and beautiful novelist-debutante — the biggest surprise of this literary celebration. She confessed: my essay writing from a young age, perfecting his character and text, to name a few personal stresses and tides of happiness. And now, to her delight and pleasure, the novel was published and recognized as the best novel of the year.

At a press conference in a different audience cameramen, journalists enjoy Frank story of Alexandra Nikolayenko about her perspective on difficult circumstances, breaking the fate of people.

The Chairman of the jury Peter Aleshkovsky, the winner of “Russian Booker” in 2016, expressed their sincere sympathy to deb and her work.

I was wondering the opinion of the jury member Alexander Snegirev, the winner of “Russian Booker” in 2015, the new awarded the novel.

One of the functions of the prize — the choice of direction for the possible development of literature. We have to try. The book “to Kill Barykina” reflects the current tendency of prose to poetry. May like, may not like, but that is the direction the literature is again fresh. In addition, the book features illustrations by the author. There is a synthesis of the arts, which is today, sorry, trend. The book is humanistic.

Roman Alexandra Nikolayenko is a vivid example of the creative process. Personally, I think that literary prizes are awarded not only for specific books, but also for the search direction. Literary prize, after all, still point the way. I believe the book is a winner is an outstanding example of attempts of search of new trends in contemporary Russian prose. Writers try to experiment. How they get it is another question. But the attempt is more important than the result.

— You are also a novelist, and your soul of novelist eager for novelty. But times have changed. Literature, unfortunately, loses the reader.

— I think now novel two ways: become a appendage television or find some new form, and thereby to gain the interest of the reader.

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