A film about the search rock heroes was a disaster

“Age of heroes has passed, it is time to look for precious nuggets amongst the sand,” he told me once in an interview with musician and composer Oleg Sakmarov, author of the famous flute of “Walking on water” group Nautilus Pompilius. Despite the fact that the Internet today provides musicians unlimited opportunities to Express themselves and attract public attention, among the tribe “young, unknown” have not yet seen one who could claim the title of legend. So what were the local rockers from the 1980s.

photo: a frame from the video

Not always to get into the story, it takes time. The heroes of the past were broken in already, then the first exit on the scene, and most importantly — change it, even at the local level. Unfortunately, most modern artists can’t do. Or don’t want. This was told by Yevgeny Grigoryev for his painting “Rock”. This documentary history, which was created on an artistic level. Work becomes life itself and the final version of the story was largely dictated by the circumstances in which the shooting occurred, and directly by their progress. This is the difference between painting from other contemporary movies based on real events, which, as a rule, the story line is still built pretty well and most importantly – in advance.

It all started with the fact that in 2011 the Director has collected a jury, which, in addition to himself, included the leader of group “CHajf” Vladimir Shahrin, the frontman recently more non-existent command “Semantic hallucinations” Sergey Bobunets and “grandfather Ural rock”, in the past — captain “Urfin juse” Alexander Pantykin. They announced the casting call for musicians to participate in a new project, the result of which was the film. The audition was attended by 300 young bands from which the rock-Profi chose 3. “It is clear that this group, they go on stage, and they have power “is”, spoke on the selections Bobunets Pro team Cosmic Latte. The soloist “Himself Joe” hypnotized Shahrin “devils eyes”, but the voice, the lyrics and manner of filing of the leader of the “Gorodok Chekistov” the masters heard something strange, “such a strange, even dangerous.” The choice was made. And all the gurus, and crew, young and lucky, it seemed, was full of energy and enthusiasm, but then, as it happens, the story broke in the hand of fate. Funding for the project was suspended, however, Gregory was not going to stop no matter what and give every team a camera so they independently recorded what happens to them every day.

The artists several years to achieve something, in the end – think of ourselves and about ourselves this story, which is hooked up to both the Director and ultimately the audience, becoming the basis for an exciting rock musical-Thriller, but in the end got nothing except a story of frustration, a sad story about how hard and unfair life unknown artists, unable to withstand the onslaught of the “brutal reality”. Potential heroes become anti-heroes, they break, do not hesitate to talk about it on camera, and even when the Director hands them a lifeline, offering to remove each clip absolutely free, prefer not to grasp it, and continue to proudly sink to the bottom. Clips (also included in the picture) turned out to be quite dull and meaningless, even though they had a claim to originality, attempt to pofilosovstvovat on the subject, to show his rich inner world. Perhaps it is this desire to be different, to prove that they are not like everyone else, and partly destroyed musicians. It seems they never found yourself for the answers to the questions “why are we doing this?”, “what is the message we want to convey to their audience?”, “how does all this relate to reality?”. The last question could be even the most relevant, as during the years of filming in the country and the world have changed political, economic, social situation, there was a huge number of events that can cause resonance including in the works. But the characters Grigorieva seems to live in its own world and is so wrapped up in themselves that they do not see anything around, and the internal structure, as great as he was, not so deep to draw inspiration.

On screen, the film eventually came out under the heading “the disaster movie about the confused generation,” so named her the Director. This current generation of thirty years, many of which, as shown, at least in this story, and as he sang Zemfira, – “shot down the sights”. Without the guidance and motivation of movement is impossible. Many musicians, artists, and writers of the past have proven by example that neither social pressure nor lack of money can not prevent you to create a truly talented pieces of music, books, compositions. For this reason there is a saying: “If you want to paint, and you have no brush, you’re going to paint even a finger in the water”. One member of the audience on his page in social networks after watching rightly noted: “Today on the show there was not a single musician, although the film is about you guys…”.

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