“A former top Manager of Volkswagen in the United States received 7 years in prison for “desligada”

– A former Executive of German carmaker Volkswagen AG in the United States Oliver Schmidt sentenced to imprisonment for a term of seven years on charges related to lowering the emission of harmful gases in vehicles with diesel engines, writes The New York Times.

In addition, he must pay a fine in the amount of $400 thousand Previously, lawyers have calculated that the maximum term of imprisonment, which threatened to Schmidt, was 169 years.

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48-year-old Schmidt was a citizen of Germany, but for several years he headed the engineering division of the Volkswagen in Michigan, to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. He was indicted in the misrepresentation of authorities and consumers in the United States and other violations. In August, Schmidt had pleaded guilty, said that he was following orders from above, expressed remorse and willingness to accept punishment.

A district court judge for Eastern Michigan Sean Cox called fraud Volkswagen and its leaders are “extremely serious and disturbing offence against the economic system of the United States”. After completion of the prison sentence, Schmidt would be voluntarily deported from the United States.

The company Volkswagen in March pleaded guilty to underreporting the emission of harmful substances on 600 thousand cars with diesel engines in the United States. Around the world the same software is installed on 11 million cars.

Schmidt is one of eight defendants in the United States under the diesel of the Volkswagen scandal. In August, another engineer Volkswagen James Liang was sentenced to prison for 40 months, but has appealed. Lawyer Schmidt requested to reduce the term to his client is also up to 40 months, but the prosecution insisted on a more significant sentence because the sentence Liang was softer as a result of his cooperation with the investigation.

The Volkswagen scandal erupted in September 2015, after the us Agency for environmental protection (EPA) revealed that the company installed in its vehicles with diesel engines computer programs that during inspections understate the emission of harmful substances. The actual emissions exceeded the permissible norm by 40 times in certain cases. Only the court costs and penalties the company has already exceeded $25 billion.

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