A member of the Moscow ONK arrested on suspicion of fraud

A member of the PMC Denis Nabiullin was arrested on suspicion of fraud on the night of 7 December. Currently, the human rights activist is in IVS GU MVD in Moscow.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

AK became known “MK”, Nabiullina written statement of a detainee, who was soon arrested. Pravozashhitnik, visiting the man in jail, said that can assist in the release from detention for a fee. Nabiullin, according to some, the money was, but did nothing, as the question of election of a measure of restraint – not in its competence.

Member of the PMC was detained by the FSB in relation to men a criminal case under article “Fraud”. Night Nabiullina was questioned in GSU SK and sent in IVS on Petrovka, 38.

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