Actress Helen Valyushkina: “Women over 50 have nothing to do in this life”

8 Dec actress Elena Valyushkina — anniversary. Years it is not their hides, on the contrary, uses for the benefit of the profession. And we met once in Geneva, where the Director Elena Hazanova organized the festival of Russian cinema, and we have invited Elena Valyushkina and her colleague Julia Sules to present the film “Bitter-2”. “Kiss!” Elena fell in a matter of days prior to filming. Came in for the audition, sang the song “Natalie” and Director George Krizovnicka said that if she sings poorly in the frame, it will be very good. The next day Valyushkina adopted the role of mother of the bride dresses. When Elena appeared in the funeral scene, a black hat a La Sophia Loren, the Director said: “the Versace Murder”. Handy! Hat of the 1940s was carried from US, clutching the plane to his chest for 12 hours. And so any collar are brought everywhere in Moscow. Someday they will be used. Elena is always in motion, always in the way.

In the movie “Formula of love”.

— You as the bird flies from one country to another, from city to city.

— Now arrived in Moscow. Today and tomorrow I’m filming, and then flies away again. I have just returned from a tour in seven cities of Israel, where we were to play “don Giovanni”.

— After all you happy. At the theatrical Institute went immediately. Played in the movie “Formula of love” with Mark Zakharov, and then he invited you to work in “Lenkom”. But you prefer the Theatre. Moscow city Council, where he worked as Ranevskaya and Plyatt. But the man is probably always something missing?

— If you have a car, you want a private jet. Got a private plane, a man dreams of a flying ship. Sometimes I think: “Oh, I worked in the theatre and you can walk”. As used to say in Soviet times: “I have no regrets and would like to live the same life.” Boring this is nothing. Of course, I want something new. But happiness — it is momentary. You don’t constantly dwell there. Completely happy people, I think not.

— So why are you in the theatre have worked for so many years, will not run away?

— Had not decided to run. It is now fashionable to move from one theatre to another, to play on a few scenes. And thank God that this is possible. I had a good school, strong teachers. We studied in the course of Viktor Ivanovich Korshunov in the Theater school. Schepkin. Then I came to the theater, outplayed many roles. Now, not that we ate in the theatre, but became very selective to the entire approach. People do not want to play. I have a performance in the Theater. City Council “Not all cat Shrovetide” by Ostrovsky, for which not ashamed. I invite everyone. Soon begin to rehearse with Sergei Yursky play Vatsetis who he actually is. This is an absolutely fantastic story, and it could write only Jurassic. He gathered a group of like-minded people, which includes me. From all of this are in a somewhat dazed and happy state. Now I have the most important quality, not quantity. Received an interesting offer from — do not give up. Don’t want to do anything for free. This time. I — nurse. I have relatives for whom I am responsible.

— Many of us remember your early role in the film “Formula of love”, and I “Blame” on the play by Arbuzov.

— This is my first performance in the Theater. The Moscow city Council. He recorded on film, and I recently thirty years later it looked. I’ll be honest — were amazed at his work. It is not just the role of an actress who just came to the theatre and seamlessly played. No! I had a “top ten”.

— Is it true that you are going to shoot a short film?

— Yes, but not as a Director but as a producer and the author of the idea. Last year my friend the actress Margarita Shubina, while in Israel, wrote the history and decided to remove it. But she’s not on the sacred Jerusalem the subject, and us aunties over 50. We’ve just shot the Israeli part, and now we need winter in Russia. Waiting for the snow. We have involved Israeli star Evgenia dodina, who was once an actress Theater. Mayakovsky, Alexander Feklistov and young mark Vdovin, who works in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, and in the Theater. The Moscow city Council. We just play together the play “Not all cat Shrovetide”.

Elena Valyushkina. Photo: / elena_valushkina

— So, maybe you full meter? Still, Margarita Shubina has already made his debut film “was the day”.

— While this short film. Margaret was the author’s cinema, it invented from beginning to end, in which I also starred. And we didn’t dare him to climb, though something I was not completely clear there. And now our history, and this is not a copyright, not a festival movie, and the viewer.

— What are your women over 50?

Is me and Margaret. Our heroine — successful, self-sufficient women, with their sores and cockroaches in my head, a certain attitude to men. We even decided the names to leave, only changed them. Rita is Lena, I’m Rita. If we talk about our reality, women over 50 we have nothing to do in this life. Throw them overboard. All glossy magazines, cinema, theatre Yes, the whole life belong to the young. As in any other country, it all comes down to the fact that if you’re fifty, then sit on the bench, gnawing the seeds and don’t climb anywhere. And when they come to Israel, the US or Europe, you see a different picture. People in 90 years happily feel in all areas. We had a completely different story. In Soviet times it was believed that a woman after fifty is not a woman, and a pensioner. And now little has changed. So we decided on this theme to talk a bit with humor, bitterness, and shame.

I bet you don’t feel removed from life?

— December 8 I will be 55 years. Sometimes I get on social networks evil and vile message: “Where are you going? What do you want? Stay put!”. Once they are removed, because the person I was deeply vulnerable. Sometimes a call from a magazine and say, “We want to write an article about you, but, sorry, on the cover to put not be able. Actresses your age there rarely print. All the paths and roads young”. Ask in response: “Why? Who decided that? Why do you think that the magazine with my picture would be worse to sell than a young girl?”. Even and for that reason, Margarita Shubina decided to make a movie.

“I agree to play any role — from frogs to old ladies”

— You have recently many peculiar roles — head of the orphanage or nursing home, the housekeeper. Felt that the demand has changed?

Of course, should be scrapped. I switched to the role of grandmothers and mothers, and it is very nice. At the age of 55, fortunately, not playing Desdemona, Ophelia and Juliet, as often happens in the theater. What is good about our profession? You to 90 years can seamlessly go from mom to grandparents, and then to crazy old ladies. You can exist in the acting profession to the status of a “foot forward”, and it’s amazing. Not offending me age role. And the Director of the nursing home — it’s wonderful. I am very pleased to be working with Director Marius Weisberg. We had found each other, and he can not imagine without me their work. Now we’re in the picture “Night shift”, where the sons I have Pavel Derevyanko, and lovers classmate of his character. Great to have work you in demand. I agree to play any role — from frogs to old woman, if it is interesting.

— Once we talked with Julia Sules. It turned out that after your explosive role in “Kiss!” went on the decline the proposal. The Directors seemed to have become something to be afraid of.

— I also sat after “Kiss!” two years without work. Julia phoned, tried to look at the situation from the outside and did not understand. It is clear that young will always be in demand a hundred percent, but always come new people and sending those who were once young, in the waste material. Our profession is not proportional to talent. Here the equality sign can not be put. An abundance of work is not always associated with the presence of talent.

But you have a rabid intensity. Maybe you have to play a small role, but next year will see almost nine paintings with your participation.

— Yes, I have now this good, a lot of series. Someone even waiting for me to be free and able to star in their project. I sometimes write to audiences that don’t switch on the TV, saw me on the screen. It’s a compliment. So you associiruetsya with a certain quality mark. Such recognition is inspiring. I have just returned from filming new movie Elena operate Hazanova. The main role for me there was not. They are given to young Actresses — Paulina Andreeva, Sasha Bortech that “I lose weight” was played by my daughter, Julia Alexandrova, who “Bitterly!” was my daughter. With Lena the operate Hazanova we met 10 years ago. I starred in her film “the Person irrevocable”. Then she said she writes me a script, and we had to take it off in Switzerland. It was called “Holiday”. The main roles planned Yevgeny Mironov, Maxim Sukhanov, Ingeborga Dapkunaite. Found money on the movie and the castle in Switzerland, but then we lost. The film did not take place. And now Lena called me and said, “I need You. This episode, but I want you to decorate the picture.” And I agreed for a friend to show off. I had three days of shooting and one of them in the morgue. Today we were shooting in a cafe on Pokrovsky Boulevard. Tomorrow im shooting a village Comedy “Neighbors” — very interesting stuff with subtle humor.

— Konstantin Khudyakov in the “ordeal” you never took off?

— No. I’m not attracted to him from the beginning. We talked, and everything. But the conversation difficult to understand, you need to always taste.

— You were a difficult period, when there was no work in the movies. Left after that feeling of fear?

— Yes, have it in me. It is sometimes said that actor so-and-so is not exchanged for trifles, agrees only to a significant role. But afford it can only young actor who has no family, a blind father and two children for whom you’re responsible. I would also be able to sit and not to waste your time, if I was the rear. But it so happened that I had not purchased anything, how would I slowly dripped. My son is 20 years old and daughter just turned 15. I have to secure the future, to invest in them. Will do everything to ensure that they receive education. And money can only in film and theater. Although some of the roles you refuse, not to go on transactions with conscience. Now I have no project, where would I go only for money and not for the result.

In the film “Bitter-2”.

— You are a very sincere person with simple attitude towards the world. It’s beautiful and dangerous. You open the soul, and the people around are so different.

— I’m really naive and gullible person is easy to deceive, use, to lead in some direction, and then quit. I don’t have enough cunning and resourcefulness. I betrayed and abandoned. But nothing can be done, such a character. I could swap and change, try not to open any regrets and still remain open and trusting. My life is like an iceberg, under water so much. I’ve had so many. Not easy for me. All is hard. When I’m on the set in the van start to tell people clutching his head. Many from a life gone to the light, drunk or hung himself. But I somehow keep. I think that the only person who’s been through so much, it can create the impression of an easy life. I have a raised. I believe that the more you give the more you receive. Lately, wherever I was, people come up and hug me. They say: “We want to embrace you”. Even at the airport when I’m flying somewhere and going through the inspection, take your shoes off… This is a powerful response. When I play the show for seven hundred people in the hall and send your energy, it comes back to you in semiaccurate increase. It gives strength to continue to live, create and die.

— Needlework continue to do? Remember you are in Geneva went to flea markets, something found in his work.

— Now I have no time for this. If you need someone a gift, then, of course, will do. I everywhere something was being dragged. Don’t know that definitely I’m going to do, but at some point, get his things and get something out of it create. Sometimes you want a souvenir to bring from any country or city to house this thing reminded me about my trip. Stumble look at her and smile. Of such tripe and memories is my whole life. I know all of it, only with electricity are not friends. Me twice much zapped. But everything else can.

— Where such abilities? I’m not talking about life, and about the ability to create something artistic.

I don’t know. I graduated from art school, he studied at the music and dance, went to the courses of knitting. Why not just do. My mom was a pastry cook and for some reason, everywhere I drove, gave in some circles. Perhaps something in me and germinated. Grandma was a great seamstress, the music picked up by ear, not having graduated from music school. On such fertile soil, apparently, still growing. Naturally, I develop their creative abilities, learn, looking, spying.

— As the way your hat came in “Kiss!”

But then it was stolen. I left her for sure, and then they flew to Moscow. And when they called, I heard: “I’m Sorry! It is an incredible way gone.” And the hat was enviable. If I have it in some movie you will see, that from the head pluck.

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