Ancient supermassive black hole will force astronomers to reconsider notions of space

A group of American scientists from mit and several other research organizations has discovered the most distant from Earth, a supermassive black hole known to date. It is located in the centre of the extremely bright quasar. According to the researchers, a black hole appeared in less than 700 million years after the big Bang. If this is true, the object found can get a new look at the history of the ancient Universe.


Experts say that before you reach the Ground, the light from the quasar was in transit for about 13 million years, that is, for almost the entire time that the universe exists. The mass of the black hole at its center, according to scientists, is greater than the mass of the Sun in 800 million times. At the moment it remains a mystery how it could appear and become so heavy after only 690 million years after the Big Bang, even if its rate of growth would have been possible.

No less surprising, according to scientists, is the period when the black hole was supposed to emerge. was about half filled with clouds of neutral hydrogen, there was much less “transparent” than it is today. The discovery could mean that in this period the history of the Universe, black holes grew significantly faster than is possible today, and than allow the most popular theory regarding these objects.

The study was published in the journal Nature.

Quasar — a class of astronomical objects, which are one of the most striking (in absolute terms) in the visible Universe. It is assumed that quasars are active galactic nuclei at the initial stage of development, in which a supermassive black hole absorbing surrounding material, forming the accretion disk. He is the source of radiation, sometimes in the tens or hundreds of times greater than the total capacity of all stars in such galaxies as the milky way.

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