Attila Grandier: “Western civilization has made music a servant”

Among the cult of the avant-garde group “Megabit” found particularly interesting instance of the analogues (in spite of his curiosity) is not heard, perhaps, anywhere in the world. English and very simplified version of the title of this Hungarian team — Galloping Coroners (“Galloping coroners”), but he’s not perfectly accurately conveys the original meaning of the name. At the time, knew about it, under the impression there was Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, Einsturzende Neubauten. On stage, these musicians headed by the brilliant and charismatic Attila Grandpierre represent actions similar to a cross between a punk gig and shamanic ritual.

Photo: Tamas Leko

They really don’t like it when they are labeled punk artists, calling their music primitive, magical folk. It feels like you see a bright flash in the dark sky and can not explain its nature or watching the flight of a UFO. It all seems unreal, but of the witnesses too much. Creativity VHK (shortened version of the name of the team. — Ed.) conceptually related to those times, when Hungarians had not yet influenced by Western civilization, were free. They had their worldview and their own religion — paganism. Attila is not only a talented artist with a special vision of art and philosophy, he is also one of the world’s most famous scientists-astrophysicists, has a degree and is a researcher of the Sun and solar activity. He founded the band back in 1975-m. In its history there were the prohibitions of concerts at home because of the strangeness of what is happening on stage, but the musicians still played, masquerading under other names, and popularity, and colorful tours in the West. They became the first artists from Eastern Europe, inscribed on the label of jello Biafra. The team has gone through a long crisis and eight years did not give concerts, but then was reborn from the ashes like a Phoenix. When we met with Attila Grandpierre in the dressing room, I was surprised — so scenic image does not coincide with the appearance of the actor in real life. But the interest and charm. To mention the fact that VHK play music, filled with primal energy, the musician and the scientist as if he just descended to Earth from space or transported in a time machine into the present from time immemorial. In his discussion of the mysteries of the Universe and big blue eyes, glowing with some strange light, it is possible to dive in the abyss. And he was like a bottomless reflection of the music puzzle where you can try to unravel indefinitely.

— Attila, your group appeared on the musical horizon has more than 40 years ago. Have you changed during this time, the atmosphere inside of it, the creative concept?

Talking about it, it is important to refer to the name of the band. Vágtázó in the Hungarian language is a condition when you at a full speed gallop on a horse, experiencing a feeling close to ecstasy. As far as I know, this definition is not equivalent neither in Russian nor in English. The second part of our name — Halottkémek — translated as “coroners”. This word in some countries, the Anglo-Saxon legal family called officers who investigate the history of deaths that occurred in strange circumstances. Selecting your team is multi-layered and unusual name, I wanted to show that most people don’t live their lives fully as they should, and are slaves of the modern society. We have always strived to give students a powerful impetus to enable them to become enthusiastic, to breathe deeply, to begin to live a conscious life filled with meaning and inspiration. Music for us in this vein is a very strong means of expression, affecting the emotional sphere. When it was created our main goal is to maximize mobilize the human potential, the life force, which is already inherent in us by nature, but often lies dormant. And in all that time, the concept of creativity has not changed. Of course, history VHK started many years ago. And if the first 20 years we lived with the absolute feeling that music takes our whole lives, and the work was on the second position, today, of course, equally important to me is my scientific activities. I’m doing research in the field of innovative astrophysics, make discoveries, write books, have lectures and public currents. Science allows you to work with people on an intellectual level, music is emotional.

— The art and science interrelated for you?

— Of course. The universe is made of atoms and combinations of them. Similarly, all music, in fact, consists of seven tones and semitones. But I think that actually life is more than just a combination of atoms and more than the combination of notes because they have a deeper, cosmic principles of creation. This is the principle of matter, life and consciousness. They are perceived rather than on a physical and on an emotional level. On them rests the universe, and the primitive music that is truly sacred.

— You combined serious philosophical concept in punk music. But classic punk is not depth of content, as opposed to making VHK…

— Many artists in this direction are just playing punk for punk, endlessly copy each other, but for us it is only a surface form, a genre. Me he was originally attracted to the fact that it has some sort of instinct, expression of submission. For me this instinct is associated with the sacral attitude to life, which was cultivated in the ancient world and helped people to explore their true nature, their natural space opportunities. Then mankind have preserved and passed the knowledge related to the secrets of the Universe, of life, of birth art and the force of its impact. Creators are experimenting, created a truly magical music filled with energy. But all of this happened several thousand years ago, and replaced that time came a new attitude, a new Outlook, a much more narrow and shallow. This is largely due to numerous wars, which is the ability to enjoy life, to appreciate it gave way to suffering, the desire to survive, the greed. Such processes are reflected in the music in the Western world are usually estimated from the point of view of an artificially planted “expert” knowledge. So she becomes a maid, satisfying superficial needs, just a means for entertainment. Its owner becomes a business. And it kills all the magic in it. Representatives of the so-called industry do not even think that actually the music is something that can tell you about the substance and nature of our whole existence, of the Universe. I think just inhuman to use music as a soulless tool to make her a servant obeying the master. For the West, this type of perception is typical, and this trend has been developing over the last Millennium. We forget about the roots. In certain periods, folk music was even prohibited, as was incompatible with the new “laws”. Ancient ideas were betrayed, and it is a great mistake of Western civilization.

Photo: Bands Through The Lens

— Is it possible to change something?

I’m sure of that. And in this century. I consider myself very lucky in life. The mystical way in I was instinctively born music that changed the course of my thoughts, awakened latent powers, she began to proceed from the depths of the soul and surprised even me, was a revelation, nothing like I wrote before. All who heard her, said that she looks like an Oriental prayer. It felt ancient Asian cultures. I never studied anything like this specifically, so it was a big surprise. At some point I felt the need to run at full speed while doing throat singing. They say that to transform the world can only start with yourself. Then I realized that in order to develop the story, I need to change. Last year I wrote a book about the culture of Ancient Eurasia. It is in this area there was a very advanced civilization with huge amount of knowledge and wisdom. But if in the modern consciousness it is often associated with power, success, financial solvency, then it was a “friendly” wisdom, aimed at building and strengthening peace. Many years ago, this culture developed on the territory of present-day Russia, China, and Hungary. And I think she can be revived. Should be created ecological civilization that respects nature, human life.

And are modern listeners to perceive all of these ideas and think about their implementation? Are you sure that they see as deeply, listening to your music?

— Instinctively we know a lot more than you think. The secret, hidden knowledge is stronger than intellect. Even just listening to our music, people at the same time join it and awaken it within yourself, gaining invaluable experience. It’s like the door to the past. When it opens, life can change dramatically and a man begins to evolve internally. As I said, music has tremendous transformative power. Experiments were conducted when different music is in different ways influenced the plants, to say nothing about the person, minded and receptive being. We have a rich inner world, it is passed on through an incredible number of years and generations, it is only necessary to recall it again to begin to cultivate.

— Why so many people listen to, for example, pop music, thousands come for the most easy and superficial entertainment, you were talking about?

— At some point we stopped working on ourselves and externally by the present system of society, his life was built so that not to remember about self-development. When people think superficially, forget about their history, abilities and capabilities, connection with the cosmos, easier to manage, to manipulate. There are those who are profitable from a material point of view, but do not forget that the Universe is not only material values. Matter in itself is only a surface form (as in the music form may be quite different, what we talked about). Our world is a living, changing substance, consisting of different components. And my scientific work is connected with it. I already told you about the fundamental principles of its existence. So the principle of matter erected at the forefront of the Western mind. But do not forget about the principles of life and awareness. I’m sure that they must be guided humanity to be in harmony with the cosmos and nature. They should be built the civilization seeking to develop and improve themselves, and not to destruction. And these two principles are very closely related, as it all depends on how we perceive life, the Universe, whether we live consciously or not. It also determines the level of development of society, culture in it. Optics must be set up perfectly, the perception needs to be healthy. That’s all. We have gone from such an understanding, but in fact it’s so simple and natural.

— Attila, on stage you seem to be one — reckless, emotional, and indomitable, and in the life of the other — an intelligent, gentle, intellectual development… There’s even a theory that one person can be combined with multiple-personalities. You close it?

— I think we are all in different situations playing different life roles, but if you look at the essence of the man never changing and even playing them, brings into the world the same ideas, the same message. Many people ask me how in me goes crazy, which I am supposed to show during concerts, and peace of mind, balance in everyday life. In fact, I do not consider myself insane. Just on stage, you feel much freer and, agree, it would be strange if I behaved at scientific conferences… However, in that situation, one and the same person. I don’t have a split personality.

— What events in the history of the band steel swivel?

— It is possible to write a whole book, we have already covered a long and glorious path. In the beginning we were all incredibly excited, felt an incredible force. Thanks to my father I’ve learnt many important things that I was very motivated. And I wanted to create a band that would become the best band in the world. All team members were on the same page, all had the same ambitions, so we were inspired. With us was much more interesting. We first became very popular in Hungary, and every other high school student and the student knew about us. In the mid-80s, we were invited on a tour, we began to give concerts in the West, and it was a very important period. In 1988, debut album. It has also become a turning point. In 2001 I left the group. It also had to do with my personal problems, and attitude within the team. We all were close friends, but then the situation changed and it was very unpleasant. I felt severe frustration for this reason. The period when the story VHK for several years stopped, was very hard, especially the first two years. But now I realize that it was necessary. I always wanted to play folk music with the most powerful energy message, but at the moment of parting with her other team members were more inclined to rock. In 2005 I created the band Vágtázó Csodaszarvas (“Galloping Wonder Stag”), which were used by the ancient acoustic instruments. With this team I have recorded four albums that represent the root, the primitive folk-music, the first two of them quickly gained gold status. However, for me very important was the revival of my main team, who returned to the scene with new energy and become better than it was before. I realized I can not live without this music.

— Do you see young artists, which continues your tradition?

— We managed to find a unique combination of sound and content. I think we influenced a lot of kids, but to repeat this to anyone not yet possible, it needs to feel deeply and to know the traditions, to be fully immersed in them. Again, if it wasn’t for my father and not the knowledge that he gave me, I probably never would have created such a group, this would have never happened.

— Do you believe in fate?

— Yes, I think it was fate, predestination. But I believe that if we live in harmony with the Universe, you can choose to build their own destiny, and the universe helps us in this. Life is beautiful, largely unexplored, is the vast cosmic field. And I am convinced that the universe is a living organism, but it still has big plans for all of humanity, we are part of the gigantic plan. In this sense, each of us is still very much work in literally cosmic scale.

— What’s your main ambition now?

— I wrote two books. The first is about the Universe as a living organism, the second — about the life of the Sun, which I call the “Theory of Helios”. As I said, I try to show readers a new perspective on astrophysics, share with them the results of their laborious forty years of research. These works have been translated into English, but I also wish that in the future they went to Russian and Chinese languages. And yet — we with pleasure would return concerts in Russia.

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