“B & n Bank and “Opening” has lost the right to issue customs guarantees

– The Federal customs service (FCS) 1 Dec excluded reorganized the Bank and the Bank “Opening” from the register of credit organizations entitled to issue guarantees for payment of customs duties, according to the orders of the Department.

Banks was eliminated from the registry due to failure to comply with certain conditions of the law “On customs regulation”, including compliance with statutory requirements and lack of requirements of the Central Bank on the implementation of measures for financial recovery. Among other requirements for banks own funds of not less than 1 billion roubles (as of 1 December, the capital “Opening” was written down by 1 rouble, the reporting of the Bank at that date has not yet been revealed).

These banks will likely return to the registry after it will be amended, giving preference to credit institutions, rehabilitated with the participation of the Fund the consolidation of the banking sector (structure of the Central Bank). Changes to the law provide that the banks, in respect of which the regulator has taken measures to prevent bankruptcy will be able to issue customs guarantees provided that the Bank ensures the continuity of their activities.

In addition, from the register of the FCS were deleted from the gene Bank, reorganized under the old scheme with the assistance of an investor “Sobinbank” (“daughter” of Bank “Russia”) and also banks “the Kuznetsk bridge” and “Khovansky”.

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