“”Battle of the sexes”: return

The creators of “Little miss sunshine” made a film about the historical battle feminists and chauvinist on the tennis court

A scene from the movie “battle of the sexes”Photo: CoolConnections

In the Russian rolling out the film “battle of the sexes” in which Emma stone gives a decisive rebuff to the chauvinists on the tennis court.

In the early 70’s the first racket of the USA Billie Jean king (Emma stone) refuses to participate in the championship of the international tennis Federation, because the prize in the women’s category is significantly lower than men (“women are Just not as fun to watch as the men, sweetheart” – trying to reason with her sports bosses). As a result, the struggle for equality will bring it to the match with Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) is a veteran of tennis and also the first racket of the USA in the past, which for a joke is taken to arrange the court “battle of the sexes” and once and for all to prove the superiority of men over women.

The film is based on real events: in 1973 in the United States actually took place, marked a fight, which the media dubbed the “battle of the sexes”. Although since it’s been more than forty years, now, in the year of revelations of sexual harassment, this movie seems as timely as ever. The words that the filmmakers put into the mouth of a stone – about the need to pay equal wages and to accept equal opportunities of women and men, not limiting the scope of activities of the first home and fashion, it could be in any kind of women’s marches now. The film proves that historical progress – the thing is questionable, even in a seemingly secured a democratic society, for their freedom has constantly to fight.

“Battle of the sexes” in this context is a very good movie about emancipation: it is not about crazy man-haters with unshaven legs (“And I actually shave my legs!”- says at one point, the heroine stone hero Carell), but about women who demand respect, and which is very difficult not to support them in their struggle.

La ressemblance entre Steve Carell Bobby Riggs et est assez bluffante. Entre Emma Stone et Billie Jean King, un peu moins, mais elle reste géniale. pic.twitter.com/x7KZQQRiBI

— Pauline Perinet (@paulineperinet) 26 Nov 2017

But the “Battle of the sexes”, which was filmed by the creators of “Little miss sunshine” Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, and simply a good movie. The main his luck – casting (which also wonderfully similar to those they are playing). Stone, is very convincing as the subtle, multicavity, but diehard tennis players, once again proves that it really is a great artist. Carell, in the role tend to show and the antics of Riggs finally has a reason to their full extent to show his great comedic charisma. Longer the confrontation of these characters in General would be enough to make the movie a success, but it does have funny dialogues and apt little family drama, finally, it all happens in the 70’s with them so trendy right now the lamp’s aesthetics. In the film, however, there is desperately sad, stressed melodramatic LGBT-line (king was a lesbian), but, fortunately, it is given not so much time to kill a General Jolly mood.

“Battle of the sexes” as a result – the movie is cute and charming as its main character, which is nice to see not only out of solidarity with the fighters for emancipation, but also just – nice.

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