Beat: convicted defendant in the “case on March 26,” Dmitry Krupkin

Tver district court of Moscow sentenced the defendant in the “case on March 26” one and a half years in a General regime colony: the reason for the sentence was allegedly struck them a blow to the policeman, and the judge relied solely on the words of the militiaman.


Krupkin — the man 1984 year of birth — have explained in court that he could not remain indifferent to the wanton, in his opinion, the detention came to the rally on Tverskaya square in Moscow called Alexei Navalny.

According to the version of the defendant, he kicked not police, and his stick: “…the guard on the left swung at me with a rubber truncheon. Then I went behind them and saw that the police dropped the left stick down along the body — very comfortable to kick, but not to hurt him.”

Krupkin says that it came on a stick, while the Sergeant of the Riot Mikhail Zvonarev says, though he felt a blow to the leg, however, “is not so strong to sapromat”. In the video, the shot did not hit, damage on the body of police also were recorded.

Here is the screenshot proves guilt Krepkina (this is a quality of things, not a bad phone)

— Smirnoff (@sssmirnov) 8 Aug 2017

However, as the lawyer said “the International Agora” Ilnur Sharapov who defended Krepkina, he was convicted of “use of violence not dangerous for health against a representative of power … in connection with the performance of their official duties” (part 1 of article 318 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation).

While on Wednesday, the prosecution was required to Krepkina three years of imprisonment, protection insisted on the justification.

Informed real sentences got all the other defendants in the “case on March 26” (only it took 7 people).

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