Details of the appearance of St. Petersburg “first” in Stockholm: not a Mirage

In the Swedish social networks to discuss strange “spatial” phenomenon. Camera recorded as the call of the inhabitant of Stockholm… arrived the carriage “Ambulance” with the St. Petersburg rooms and the words “intensive care” in Russian, in addition, the team was the Russian form. Concerned residents contacted the police, she ran the plates and confirmed the ambulance from St. Petersburg. No hallucinations Swedes were not, the team really went for help from the city on the Neva. However, she rode at all for another patient. How she ended up in Stockholm, found out the correspondent “MK”.

photo: a frame from the video

Managed to find out that the private ambulance “Petersburg neotlozhka” has sent a team to the city of örebro, on lake Hjälmaren in Sweden, where doctors had to take the Russians treated at a local hospital. Petersburger was injured while traveling in Sweden, and after providing the necessary first aid on the spot he was to be transported to a hospital in St. Petersburg. Driving through Stockholm, the Russian doctors had assisted a local resident who became ill on the street. “We provide our services both in Russia and abroad, – said the “MK” employee “Ambulance”. – It happens that I go very far. For example, in Volgograd for 2 thousand kilometers, or even involve aviation. This time it was necessary to transport the patient from the hospital in Orebro to Petersburg. Along the way, the team saw that the man on the street it became bad, as there are people waving their hands, asked to stop. The man had an epileptic seizure, our doctors could not pass by, they just honor does not allow. They provide the necessary assistance, then transferred the patient to the Swedish colleagues. As far as I know he’s okay, his life threatens nothing”.

Then “Soon”, of course, took primary patient, and on the evening of 6 December, he arrived safely in St. Petersburg. As told “MK” the staff of the service, to get the call had through Finland, then the ferry to Sweden. “Everything was painted on the clock: when and where the team should be.” It is not the fact that when passing the border from the Ambulance was a priority.

Now the crew, who had gone to Sweden again to work.

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