“Exchange rate for bitcoin has exceeded $14 thousand

From the beginning, the course of bitcoin has soared more than 1,400%

Photo: Zuma/TASS

– Exchange rate for bitcoin continues to update the records: on Wednesday, he jumped more than 12% and exceeded two psychologically important mark – $13 thousand and $14 thousand, according to MarketWatch.

Latest quotes on bitcoin CoinDesk is at the level of $14,118 thousand

The market capitalization of bitcoin has surpassed $234 billion, according to data CoinMarketCap.com. The volume of $100 billion was first broken in October of this year.

The value of the bitcoin market capitalization is now more than almost all of the companies whose shares are included in the calculation of the index Standard & Poor’s 500, with the exception of 16. It already exceeds the rating of such companies as Home Depot Inc. ($214 billion), UnitedHealth Group Inc. ($213 billion), Pfizer Inc. ($212 billion) and Verizon Communications Inc. ($208 billion).

Year-to-date exchange rate for bitcoin has soared more than 1,400%, while the S&P 500 up about 18%.

In General, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is now almost $257 billion.

Last Friday, the Commission on urgent futures trading in commodities (CFTC) gave the CBOE and CME permission to launch futures on bitcoin. As noted in the message of the CFTC, futures exchanges are expected to monitor trading activity on the cryptocurrency market, assessing the possibility of market manipulation and shifts associated with rapid UPS and downs courses, and disruptions in the auction.

Last week the Telegraph announced the appearance of the first billionaires, who made his fortune on investing in bitcoin.

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