Fat accountant pretended to be pregnant to rest on the Fiat

Accountant of municipal institutions in the Kamchatka settlement Keys faces charges of large-scale fraud: deceit she received 263 thousand rubles for maternity leave, though in reality only intentionally put on weight.

photo: pixabay.com

Of fraud reported by the Kamchatka Prosecutor’s office: in action the women there saw a pre-prepared plan.

So, in June 2017, she turned to the midwife with the request to put it on the account of pregnancy. Assigned tests and ultrasound the woman did not do, but in August came for needed for a maternity leave certificate special rastolstet.

Based on the certificate of accountant and received 263 thousand “maternity”, which went on vacation. When the time came “pregnancy”, the hospital began to worry, but contact with the “patient” could not: that didn’t answer the door and did not respond to calls.

In the end, intervened Prosecutor’s office found that about any pregnancy out of the question, and the woman mimicked her 31 years, she was pregnant four times already and could represent the external symptoms.

Now, the woman threatened not only to return the money, but also to pay a fine and be jailed for up to 6 years under part 3 article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud committed on a large scale”).

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