“Forbes named the highest paid musicians in the world

The rating was headed by American rapper Diddy with $ 130 million

American rapper Diddy (Sean Combs)Photo: AP/TASS

– Forbes magazine named the world highest paid musicians in the world, the first place in the ranking was occupied by American rapper Diddy (Sean Combs), who earned for the year $ 130 million.

According to the publication, to lead the ranking of Diddy helped tour Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, a contract with Ciroc vodka and selling a third of its clothing line, Sean John.

The rapper himself told Forbes that he was “an ordinary man” and that he began your journey in the world of business at age 12 with a newspaper delivery boy and gas station attendant.

In second place in the ranking was singer Beyonce with 105 million dollars, which earn helped her a tour of Queen’s Formation Bey’World Tour. In third place is canadian rapper Drake with 94 million dollars, obtained through tour Boy Meets World Tour.

Followed by rapper The Weeknd with $ 92 million and Coldplay with $ 88 million.

In Forbes noted that most performers have earned money on concert tours (25 participants ranking only two is an exception: the singer Taylor swift with 44 million, which is 17, and rapper Jay-Z with 42 million, 19th place).

The rankings, the magazine took into account earnings in the period 1 June 2016 to 1 June 2017 before taxes.

Previously, according to Forbes, Rowling is the highest paid celebrity in Europe.

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