From the title of the film removed three letters because of complaints Maslyakova

11th documentary Festival of auteur cinema “Artdocfest” was opened with the screening of three films about filmmakers. Unexpectedly funny and a very vivid picture of Dmitry Rudakov “Andrey Zvyagintsev. The Director” tells about the dramatic film “Dislike” about that Zvyagintsev, which many of us don’t know. Amazing coincidence: “I am Katia Golubeva” Natalia Yu — his classmate at the University who died tragically in Paris a Russian-French actress. “Process” Askold Kurova about who is serving now the punishment of Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov first shown in Russia after the February premiere at the Berlinale.

Vitaly Mansky. photo: from personal archive

“I’m Katya Golubeva” Kirill Serebrennikov, is still a free man recalls how Kate he was shot. Her first husband, Lithuanian Director Sarunas Bartas – can’t stand to talk about his wife and actress, mother of his daughter. Recently he was forced to vacate the Studio in Vilnius on the accusations of the Lithuanian Actresses that five years ago did something similar “exploits” an American producer Harvey Weinstein. Drama life changes the structure of the painting.

On the opening day of the festival we spoke to its President — Director Vitaly Mansky – the difficulties to be overcome, the conflict with Alexander Maslakova, who demanded to make adjustments to the screening of a film about the history of the birth of KVN.

We got legally hard prescription, and decided to quickly withdraw from the film’s title is three letters – KVN. Now in the posters you see the movie “birth Story”. But today we received a counter letter from the producers. The producer of the film, as I understand it, is the former lawyer of the WHC. In the letter, no less convincingly proves that the documentary film, under copyright, is not subject to some provisions about the use of the brand. This whole conflict I was a little passionate, is more concerned about emotional and moral component. If dynasty Maslakovic the picture was profitable, they would not have thought about the presence or absence of copyright.

– Have they seen her?

People within the process, they at least knew that a film about the history of KVN. The fact that they probably didn’t interview, prompted them to different ideas. The film tells about the creation of KVN and Maslyakov appeared in the third year of the program’s existence. And it does not fit into the ideology of the new history of KVN. So was looking for a tool with which to frame the painting bandwagon. But their clumsy actions, they have not earned image points. This program was invented by other people, and nothing but gratitude to them cannot be tested. The true creators of KVN do not receive dividends from its invention, and Maslyakov receives them. He would behave more delicately. I understand if the authors of the WHC, their widows claimed the percent of family income Maslakovic, the interest on land acquisition and television programs, earning space money. But it is not. People live modestly and stored in the memory of the facts of his personal history. Their names are not engraved at the entrance to the Palace of KVN in Maryina grove.

– Maybe because of the recent scandal, Alexander Maslyakov and didn’t want to attract attention that would cause the screening of the film.

But the opposite happened. He did the dumbest thing possible. In this touching, lovingly made documentary tells the story of the people who created once the WHC. The film is nostalgic, breathing time and the fates of these people. Many of them have already gone to the other world. And Maslyakov as its inanimate legal requirement made bad aesthetic dissonance. He doesn’t want to be watched people who would come to him, interested in the history of KVN. But removing from the title the WHC, lose the potential audience of the film. Obviously, he wants the audience did not know the true story. I know a little about Maslakova. We work together in taffy. It was not for him a problem to find my phone to call and explain, if it’s only about the name. But he acted impersonally, like a politician, and that his moral error.

– While this is your only problem?

– Not counting the endless requests of the Prosecutor General, mosprimerate, calls for questioning in different rooms. On the opening day of the festival we got another order. Those who have causes, pictures not seen, but they have queries allegedly from alarmed citizens. When we have had trials in the Khamovniki court against the “Artdocfest” according to the same queries. Today I am speaking not just unknown soldiers, but the deputies of the state Duma. Even her Vice-speaker sends requests through the podium of the main channel with the requirement to verify, deny, avoid. Instead of having to request a picture to view to check whether it does not violate Russian law, we will send the prescriptions are to testify. Lord, you protect the law, why are you in a single document call the man, scaring him with what will happen in case of no-show, and immediately reported that have not seen the movie. But the surprise acts of lawlessness in Russia is not necessary. This is evident in some of the festival films, including “Process”.

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