Gleb Samoilov: “Freedom means responsibility for decisions”

Our previous interview with Gleb Samoilov was released in December 2016. This year lot of events happened: and loud celebration of the 7th anniversary of The Matrixx concerts in the two capitals, and performances with the Symphony orchestra of the best songs “Agatha Christie”, and the celebration on the stage of the birthday of the artist in August. In September he released the video for the track “Star” became the first track on the album “Hello”. It was her artist calls the main result of the past year. And not only him. He told “MK” about what its difference from previous albums of this group, why people continue to live as if contemporary art does not exist, and that is the motivation for creativity if his understanding of the unit.

Photo: courtesy of the press service of the group of Gleb Samoilov & The Matrixx

– Gleb, “Hello” is a complicated story, one-piece, but layered. Emotional work may seem heavy enough for perception: themes to which you address, is not positive. What is it about for you personally?

– I’m summarizing a fairly long period, the starting point of which was the moment when I decided to start my own path. Well, it “loopback” are the events that happened recently in my life. I would not want to go into details: what – is unlikely to appeal to readers.

The album is very different from the previous one, recorded with The Matrixx. In which direction are you now interested in moving?

– For me all works created in the framework of this project, very different. I do not think specifically about the motion vector, that will happen if we talk about the sound. In the past three years, it is important for me to Express certain thoughts and ideas, and by what means this is accomplished – in fact, it does not matter, they can be very diverse. Some, after listening to “Hello”, began to talk about what dubstep is, for example, to label… I think, no dubstep there. Not a single song. Although the definition of “song” does not fit here… of Course, at heart I’m still a Raver, so for me the inclusion of some elements of dubstep, chatter – just the logical continuation of what I can do. They are organically woven into the overall fabric, but are not determinative.

– How relevant now in the Russian rock music?

– I don’t think about it and prefer to concentrate on what you are doing yourself. In this respect, the new work has no relation to rock music. Moreover, it is absolutely not an album in the classic sense. Not the show.. Although theatrical elements are traced, the performance involves stage and the audience. Not a movie… As accurately noted by one person, it would be best to call it an “installation”.

– It starts with the song “Star” and ends with the track “Listen.” – reincarnation of a poem of Vladimir Mayakovsky…

– Actually it was an accident. The line “don’t make the star, it might have fallen our friend” was born, when he died Ilya Kormiltsev. After the release of previous album “the Massacre in Asbestos,” I started thinking about what I might be distracted from what I already have. At that moment I began to get these strange sketches, one of which was made on the poem. Around the same time, there is the composition “Fool”, a poem which was written by me back in ‘ 21… we Can say that this work was created almost my entire adult life.

– It is important for you, what kind of response it evokes from the audience?

I wonder when people understand or feel intuitively that this is not the album, not the song, but something completely different. You have nothing to prove and explain. Those who need it, themselves all recognize.

– Lately, art is becoming more eclectic. What is the reason, in your opinion?

I can’t speak on behalf of all artists, I can only answer for myself. View, Andy Warhol died in 1987. And the people, in my opinion, continue to live as if modern art still exists. Take the same music: most performers continue to write songs under the “verse-chorus”. This applies to any genre, pop, and rock. I ignore these habits, go past them. In the latest work, no accidents. For me here everything is understood, thought, felt, including installation. That’s why it took a while: I needed to mount the plate exactly as I want.

In his compositions you are seeking to create an abstract world, or a form of reflection of reality?

Second. They are talking about specific people and events. I won’t say what, because the work, the texts speak for themselves. Somewhere and no… In certain moments specially used of the scene, the frame, which would seem unrelated to the main narrative, being taken away from him. However, they’re also necessary. They stay in their place.

– What are the trends you see now in the modern alternative scene?

– I don’t know, I don’t judge the whole scene. I can say, I loved the theory that the time of heroes has passed. Not only among artists. Once, while on tour in the same city, I listened to Vysotsky. Went organizer – 10 years younger than me – and asked that the music played. I said, “Wait, now he’s gonna sing, and you yourself will understand.” Vysotsky starts to sing. “This Is Modern Art?”, – appeals to me. So what kind of characters today, all you can say? Don’t know what contributes to the degradation of generations. Apparently, the increase of entropy.

– How creative the person is subject to influence from outside – by society, the political system?

– Very much. Any person who is engaged in creativity, very open, open to the world and people, and all external influences. Of course, there is the judgment, that the germ will not break without meeting some resistance, but here already comes into force, the struggle of opposites.

– In your picture of the world of show business and the art are combined with other categories or stories about different?

Show-business representatives of the mainstream (read, culture), carrying in itself any significant movement, emerging initially in the avant-garde and the underground. In fact, they enjoy their fruits, transforming them within yourself. All this is show business, mainstream culture, between which I put a sign of equality. And art is quite another. Personally I just write my journals… And I initially understood that what I write will understand units. The motivation for what I do, in the case of the latter work lies in its title and texts.

You say that only a few can understand it. However, any work created for the listener or the audience focused on the dialogue…

– When I write something, I realize that my every work as my every action in life may be the last. That’s important to me.

– After work you are, in fact, created life, is there power for concerts, tours?

I just realize that this is the way to convey your message to someone who is able to hear it, who needs it. In this case, I have a lot of appeal to the issue of death because it is the most understandable character. When a man died – this one as when alive is another. The first does not imply no more options, and the second suggests, and sometimes they are worse than death.

– You are a gunner in a creative sense?

Yes. I think that on stage, and in the life of man has absolute freedom. How she manages is a personal matter, but freedom is also the responsibility for decision-making. Even if you are under pressure of external circumstances, or someone pushes you to it, it’s still your decision.

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