In Moscow reopened “hated” the exhibition Sturges: surveillance cameras

Photographic centre Lumiere brothers again decided on a show of works by Jock Sturges. Last year, we will remind, an exhibition of Jock Sturges “Without embarrassment” had to close two weeks after opening day. The reason is the address of the Deputy Mizulina, who saw in the photographs of any signs of child pornography. Followed by a wave of protests and the “Russian Officers” in uniform lined up in front of the photographic centre Lumiere brothers, and, at its discretion, decide whom to admit and whom not. Some of them called even hang brothers for the wickedness of the people. Well that is the moral intention could not be implemented, since the brothers died in the middle of the last century.

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According to the press service of the Photocenter, the investigation on charges of child pornography demonstration was completed recently. 13 lawsuits from citizens and not visiting the exhibition, nor the position of the Deputy Mizulina and children’s Ombudsman Kuznetsova, never saw the photos, failed to convince the Investigative Committee in the illegality of the exhibition.

For details of the case, we got in touch before the day with the curator of the exhibition Natalia Grigorieva-Litvinskaya:

— Natalia, why you and the centre was essentially to repeat the scandalous exhibition?

— The exhibition closes in September 2016, was provoked by the hatred and aggression of people cheated, which was introduced in this state. The renewal of the exhibition in the center of the photo is a necessary reality for our society that isn’t ready to Bang heads and hate each other at the initiative of individuals, having the ability to manipulate the media.

Orthodox activists are once again excited about the project and want it to storm. You do not have to close it?

— I know nothing about it, I have not received any official letter that my work offends someone’s religious feelings. I’m sure you confuse believers with another organization that wants to prove themselves before the election.

I don’t know personally, these activists do not presume to speculate about the sincerity of their feelings. And I mean the activists, whom says your PR office. According to her, they are going to organize a protest. What security measures did you take?

— At the opening of the exhibition we always have guards, installed surveillance cameras. We rely on common sense.

— This exhibition is different from something last year?

— In addition to photos of Sturgis at the exhibition “Without embarrassment 2.0” will be acquainted with the history of the conflict, excerpts from Newspapers, photographs and videos to media covering the closing of the exhibition, documents a criminal examination or trial.

— The truth is that forensic experts have recognized the complete lack of evidence of a crime and the high artistic level of the works presented at the exhibition?

— It’s not legal experts, it experts from different organizations. The resolution with the conclusion of all of these examinations have provided UK.

— As the Sturgis reacted to the events?

— He was shocked as the models that he shot all these years. He was sure at first that it was a stupid mistake that is quickly corrected. But the scandal then grew with such speed that to expect common sense and an apology from the accusers have made no sense. By the way, none of the prosecutors did not come on that show that with such rabid denounced. And did not apologize even after the decision of SK.

He will come to the exhibition?

— No, I do not think that after 2016, he basically wants to return to Moscow. If there is a formal apology, maybe, something will change.

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