In the Gobi desert found the remains of the “dinosaur-goose”

Paleontologists have studied discovered on the territory of Moldova, the remains of the feathered dinosaur, scientists of the current animals more closely resembles a goose, but had sharp claws and teeth and tail of a VelociRaptor. The creature lived where today is the Gobi desert about 75 million years ago.

photo: Lukas Panzarin

A new species of dinosaur was named Halszkaraptor escuilliei in honor of the collector of antiquities Francois Askole, which gave scientists access to the remains, and the Polish archaeologist Galski Osmolskae, in the past discovered many types of ancient dinosaurs.

. Experts have found that these animals had a very small size, however, could rather quickly run and fly and swim, and dive. He was covered with feathers and in many respects resembled the waterfowl that inhabit the Earth today. Unusual skull shape, a plurality of openings for the nerve endings in the beak and a long, flexible neck allowed the scientists to suggest that the dinosaur was able to effectively hunt the fish. Despite the resemblance to a Swan while in the water, the dinosaur moved rather like a penguin, actively using the front limbs and often moving under water.

That many dinosaurs, contrary existed in the past ideas were covered in feathers, specialists know for a long time. This applies in particular to the velociraptors, which, as experts explain, are rather close relatives Halszkaraptor escuilliei.

Information on its discovery, scientists presented on the pages of scientific publication Nature.

A month ago it was reported that a group of Russian scientists have discovered near the village of Shestakovo in Kemerovo oblast is a fossilized dinosaur egg. As reported, until recently, similar findings were rare worldwide, and in Russia it can be considered unique and to date.

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