In the theatre, Kamburova found illegals

Theatre of music and poetry Kamburova became a haven for illegal immigrants. Recently police arrested three Asians who violate immigration laws, they all settled in the temple of Melpomene, where he was doing repairs in one of the rooms.

photo: Juliana Gusakova

As we found out “MK”, the police raided a cultural center with a check of the 5th of December. During the inspection of the premises on Bolshaya Pirogovskaya militiamen revealed migrant workers, which carried out plastering and finishing work. It turned out that two citizens of Uzbekistan and one visitor from Tajikistan are in Russia illegally and, as it turned out, settled there, where he worked.

The Director of the theater Alexander Yeremeyev told that the space where the reconstruction has not been renovated since 1956. It was formerly a cinema “Sports”, and later a gambling house. In 2012, this building was donated to the theatre Kamburova for expansion, but the organization, which undertook to repair it, vanished along with the money, and until 2016 in these walls only housed the scenery. Last year the building was transferred to the Department of culture of Moscow, which were developed for the project, which is in the premises should be repaired, to build a stage and equip administrative offices until December 31. Most likely, due to the fact that implementing organizations are not meeting the deadlines, they attracted additional workers.

On this fact militiamen carry out an inspection. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case under article “Fictitious registration of foreign citizen”.

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